In regards to the Hampstead Cover-Up, there are a number of details about this case that just cannot be over-looked.  I will show how this case began, each new development, judgments, the blogosphere and it’s impact on the Hampstead case, new developments, thoughts and ideas.  I will be including a general over-all look at the case for newcomers.

The gravity of this case cannot be overstated, it’s long arms reach to the very top levels of society, government and beyond.  Therefore it is obvious to this author that many people do not want this information coming out, a carefully planned out intimidation and character assassination campaign has been implemented against anyone who speaks out, shares a blog post on social media, comments on posts and videos or even just “likes” a post let alone anyone that creates a website.

At this very moment, Hoaxtead Research and it’s various crew members are frothing at the mouth, salivating even for any tidbit they can muster to find on this author.  A quick google search for my legal name reveals 10 pages of Hoaxtead links.  Nothing about me personally because I have never in my  adult life used my legal name, especially since the advent of the internet.  In fact, they are creating content on Facebook using my legal name.  This is NOT MY PERSONAL PROFILE.  It was created by those who want to continue the cover-up.


With the intent to character assassinate me.  What will be posted by the false account…?


I am not the story.  I am not the first person to be character assassinated.  Plenty of good, moral people have come before me who spoke up.  We speak for the children of Ella Gareeva who can no longer speak out.  Who were taken into police custody and gave false retractions after being in care for 6 days.

No matter what HoaxRes crew puts out about me or the next person, it will not be true.  It will not be anything close to reality.  They will tell you this case is Ella’s fault or Abraham’s fault, but in reality it is the sexual abusers fault.

Dear reader, be advised, if you decide to share any of my posts or comment you will get a private message like this-


This is them publishing my home address with a fake account.  They have published many peoples addresses on-line.  We will always be happy to screen capture these events.




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  1. Sarah · August 20, 2015

    Fantastic work!


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