“Pallas Athena” IS Nikki Wyrd PROOF


If you’ve ever caught yourself reading the dreadful blog Hoaxtead Research, then you may have noticed an account commenting called “Pallas Athena” 







This blog, Hoaxtead Research is out to discredit, dox and intimidate anyone who speaks out for the Hampstead children or ritual child sexual abuse in general, along with “Pallas Athena’s” help.  Because, you know, the Hampstead case is supposedly a hoax, according to them.



When I published my post about Julian Vayne posting on Hoaxtead Research as “James Hind”/”Satanicviews” I received some comments from “PallasAthenaNike” disputing the fact that Julian was posting as “James Hind”/”Satanicviews and she most definitely WAS NOT NIKKI WYRD….



When someone comments on a WordPress blog, the administrator receives an email from WordPress for approval.  Along with the email comes information about the sender’s email address and IP address.


“Pallas Athena’s” email address was pallasathenanike@xxxxx.com, so NATURALLY I looked it up on google…simple to do really…here are the results


PallasAthenaNike (Nikki) on DeviantArt


So PallasAthenaNike’s profile on Deviant Art shows that indeed it is Nikki.  There were no other profiles for PallasAthenaNike on Google.  This was the only one.  I double-checked on Spokeo just to make sure it’s the same email address that I was given by WordPress, it matched.


The first is Gravatar for WordPress profiles and the second for Deviant Art-MATCH!!!

WordPress also gave me the IP address….but I’ll keep that to myself, thank you very much.


So, now that it is established that Pallas Athena is Nikki Wyrd and that Nikki Wyrd LIED about being Pallas Athena, she is completely discredited.  She didn’t just lie once, this was perpetually talked about and brought up on Hoaxtead who still contend that Pallas Athena is NOT Nikki Wyrd.  If they are all able to lie about this small detail, what else are they lying about?  Pretty much EVERYTHING!  

Sooooo, who IS Nikki Wyrd?  Oh. My. Goodness.

In my post about Julian Vayne/James Hind/Satanicviews I showed that Mr. Vayne was a prominent member of the Illuminates of Thanateros 

So is his partner, Nikki Wyrd (pronounced Weird, born Nicola Ward)



So she’s a witch?  A satanic cult leader?  Why the hell is a satanic witch telling us that there is no satanic ritual abuse in Hampstead???  She lied about who she was and she’s lying about the Hampstead case as well.

She’s not just a satanic witch, oh no, that would be too easy….


Witch on DMT

DMT is an iconic substance; one of the central ingredients of the magical potion ayahuasca, fuel for the entrancing soliloquies of Terence McKenna and the beautiful art of Pablo Amaringo. This powerful psychedelic was also the one that the fabulous Nikki Wyrd was injected with at the winter solstice last year – for science!
A satanic witch on drugs…NICE!!!   And it’s not just for science, she promotes it everywhere she goes.  She’s a schedule 1 drug user and pusher-in-chief.
Now, don’t think that I’m some uptight church-lady christian….I think psychedelics have a place in the human experience, before having children I enjoyed mushrooms with my husband…put upon this planet for man and animal alike to enjoy…I see evidence of deer and squirrels eating them in the woods around my family’s home.  I don’t disagree that there is use for certain ailments that psychedelics can help alleviate.  And because I’ve taken mushrooms, I know my mind, I know it’s strength and I cannot judge anyone who chooses to ingest other mind-altering substances, so I do not.  HOWEVER, many, many times on Hoaxtead Research have admins and commentors judged those of us campaigning for the children who do drugs, so I find it extremely hypocritical of them all to engage in such judgmental bullshit to make themselves appear superior.  One example would be the way Rupert Quaintence was harassed about his pot smoking on video…

Lol, I love this video Nikki, every time I watch it I crack up….you’ll see why in a sec

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/75286487″>Nikki Wyrd – Psychedelics as a Tool for Directing Cognition to Enhance Embodied Awareness of the Kinship of All Life.</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/ecologycosmos”>Breaking Convention</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>
Nikki is involve in many activities described here https://archive.is/jU0g3
Nowadays she constructively criticizes other people’s work, as Editor of Psychedelic Press UK, Director of Breaking Convention, Director of The Psychedelic Museum, and freelance copy editor for a growing list of prestigious clients. She occasionally lectures on occult matters, and has facilitated a number of highly regarded residential retreats. She also runs The Universe Machine, a small publishing house specializing in thought-provoking books.
She and Julian wrote several books together, here’s https://archive.is/Gf6nB
Co-Admins on the Blog of Baphomet
Nikki was once partners with Nathaniel Harris, who is also a self-professed occultist, ex-Illuminates of Thanateros member who campaigns against child sexual abuse in the occult scene, he has written blog posts, books and produced several videos about the rampant abuse of children in these cults.  We applaud his efforts, for which he is often harassed and slandered, by Nikki and Julian.  Nathaniel is a good human being, as far as I can tell, from our few conversations…occultist or christian, muslim or jew….we all have the freedom to worship who or what we want.   It is the paedophilia that Nathaniel and I are fighting against and for that both of us are severely slandered.  NO MORE.  IT ENDS HERE AND NOW.
Nathaniel Harris posted today on his website an excellent entry titled, 


He writes, 

“The majority of people, not wanting to think to deeply about matters such as the ritualized abuse of children, or how much money ‘cults’ might make out of selling sadistic porn films of (apparent?) ‘Satanic Ritual Abuse’ (i.e. sadistic paedophiles dressed in black robes and masks). Such films are worth even more money since S.R.A. is officially denied to exist by both UK and USA governments, who ‘coincidentally’ keep having to face allegations of people trafficking, child prostitution, and even of participating in the sadistic rituals themselves..”

….”I have attempted, over and over, to warn people, and have suffered greatly as a result.”

As have I attempted, over and over, to warn people.  Now we are beginning to see a clearer picture and the storm is brewing….your time is almost up.

No more lies, deceit or slander!  YOU are the deceivers….Now about that Hampstead case you call a hoax… 

Retraction Analysis of Child “Q





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