Ella Gareeva’s Statement March 8th, 2017

Hampstead Cover Up to Pizzagate. Mother’s statement and appeal to the public.


It’s great to see Ella and have an update, thanks Ella!


I #BelieveTheChildren

Transcription of Ella’s statement~

Ella; “Hi, my name is Ella Gareeva, and I am the mother of two children from Hampstead, Alisa & Gabriel, who have been unlawfully removed from me 11/9/2014.
This is a high profile case, and you can find the details on our websites HampsteadCoverUp.com and FreeTheHampstead2.com  You will find the links on the bottom of this page.
The Hampstead case is a criminal case which has been blatantly and shamelessly covered up by the British authorities and we have more than enough documented evidence to prove it.
The judgement of notorious High Court Judge Anna Pauffley was fraudulent and in breech of several articles of human rights. She unlawfully assumed the duties of a criminal judge and jury within a secret family court in a case concerning sadistic, satanic ritual abuse of children and the trafficking, torture and serial killing of countless innocent infants. A case which was never a matter for the family court.
Pauffley, further abuse of power by criminally perverting the course of justice throughout the fact-finding or fact-hiding hearing. The crucial evidence, a two and a half hour recording made by the Special Constable, Jean-Clement Yahirou, was hidden away on the second day of the investigation. Pauffley acknowledged this fact of concealment yet failed to order a re-investigation. She dismissed and ridiculed the medical findings of a respected medical specialist in child sexual abuse with 26 years of experience that conclusively confirmed the childrens allegations.
My children, Alisa & Gabriel suffered horrendous sadistic physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual abuse in school at the hands of their father Ricky Dearman, head mistress, Kate Forsdyke, Louis Hollings, Nina Marden and the rest of the teachers at the Christchurch school. Social workers, parents and the members of the Metropolitan Police Service.
They were then further abused, damaged and traumatized by the authorities who removed them from the care of a loving mother and family. Alisa and Gabriel were essentially jailed and held incommunicado for all this time since September 2014. My entire family, my parents, my son, their brother, my sister, uncle and aunts all of whom children are very close to, have been denied contact without any court order in place.
Initially, my children were taken away from me on the pretext that I wasn’t capable to protect them from the abuse of school. However, once Gabriel & Alisa was snatched, they were forced to retract and the criminal acts were covered up.
The satanists who have my children, tattoo and pierce the genitalia of the “special” children. I would like to remind everyone that all the children from the so-called “special families”, all the teachers, and a lot of the parents have devil tattoos on their private parts. Many of them have irremovable distinguishing marks such as birthmarks as in the case of head mistress Kate Forsdyke with her port-wine stain all over her thighs and pudenda, Galyna Upson’s birthmarks and Nina Marden’s mole the size of a 5-pence piece.
All this evidence has been forwarded to the police including the children’s drawings of the distinguishing marks. To this day, none of the perpetrators, including the children’s biological father, Ricky Dearman, was arrested and investigated. Not a single mobile or laptop has been seized, apart from Jean-Clements laptop with the children’s testimonies. No CC-tv footage acquired and watched, no property searched.
On the contrary, Kate Forsdyke was invited to the strategy meeting on the 8th & 9th of September, 2014, literally a few days after the first children’s disclosures on the 5th of September, even though she was named as one of the main abusers and a cult ring-leader, way before the forced retractions. In spite of the well-documented cover up, the British authorities remain quiet. We still await the response from the Home Office and other government organizations.
Since May 2015, at the start of campaign to release Alisa & Gabriel, we learned that the key child protection organizations are unwilling, unable to take any actions, therefore are also complicit in crime and the cover up of that crime. For example, the NSPCC are not interested in investigating the horrendous abuse of my children, Alisa & Gabriel, neither are they concerned with securing the safety of other children who are still being sadistically gang-raped, tortured and traumatized. Amongst them, Sophie, Millie, Clark, James, Ella, Annie, Mia, Georgia, Amelia, Max, Calypso and many others. The majority of these children have tattoos and some, pierce rings like Cartney.
(This author has purposefully left out the family names of children mentioned in the video)
For the second time, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has ordered the police to re-investigate the case with no avail. All major media outlets were served with a Defense Advisory (DA) Notice. This is a notice sent out in questions of national security. According to DNotice.org.uk the objective of such a notice is to prevent and advert public disclosure of information that would compromise UK military and intelligence operations and methods or put at risk the safety of those involved in such operations or lead to attacks that would damage the critical national infrastructure and/or endanger lives.
Is the Hampstead case associated with military and intelligence operations as in other high profile cases, the Jimmy Saville cover-up, the Franklin cover-up, the McMartin case, Finder’s…our research shows that it is. Which means ALL children in this country are in immediate and present danger.
I only had several contacts with Alisa and Gariel, between September and December 2014. Once my children asked to go home and we discussed writing the letter to the judge, all the contacts were immediately suspended. We don’t know if Alisa & Gabriel are still suffering the torture and abuse. They were kidnapped and held by the same people who subjected them to it. We don’t even know whether they are still alive.
According to the fraudulent, unlawful judgement of the above mentioned judge, all my parental right were removed. The local authority is under no obligation to notify me of my children’s health, education or well-being. I, myself, have had to leave the UK in order to protect my life and freedom. I was essentially framed for arrest and prevented from participation in any trial.
When a government agent, Sabine McNeill, published confidential court material on-line, behind my back and without my consent. On the 12th of February, 2015 ten policemen including two person’s with medical kits showed up at my door step threatening to force entry. Luckily I escaped.
We know that the father of the children, Ricky Dearman, accused of torture, cannibalism and serial murder was given double-time access to the children from the beginning and according to the order from August 2015 was considered to be the main guardian and was supposed to receive the full-custody of Alisa and Gabriel within six to twelve months from that order.
In the Hampstead case, we have witnessed the illegalities of police and local authority actions, ignorance of children’s rights, ignorance to risks of multiple children and the abomination of justice delivered by high court is now supported and endorsed by the BBC.
My children were damaged by authorities, unlawfully removed from my care by those authorities, further abused by those authorities who to this day, hope only to arrest and imprison myself for breaking family court secrecy rules where a thoroughly unlawful judgement which has judged me guilty of crimes I did not commit.
The cover up is blatant and is itself, yet, further evidence which most disturbingly gives insight into just how deeply the criminally insane sadists are embedded in every British authority and to the extent that they have full control of BBC news because surely, the BBC news team are not that stupid to miss all of the points now upheld by the IPCC.
We have come up with alternative ways to make general public aware of the injustice that has been done to the children, of the criminal activity taking place in the schools, in the courts, within the police service, social services, local authorities and the danger to all of the children of the UK . With various strategies in mind and the vast support of the public, we appeal to everyone concerned with such a horrific situation to start acting to put an end to these atrocities happening in our society and support our initiatives to free Alisa and Gabriel and all children held captive against their will.
I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely and whole-heartedly express my deepest gratitude to so many people around the world who are supporting our Alisa and Gabriel. Making and re-posting videos, creating and running websites and blogs, writing to the authorities, disseminating leaflets and spreading the story every way possible.
May God bless you all and keep our children free and safe.
Free The Hampstead 2
Free Alisa & Gabriel and all children from this evil.”
Here, I am going to add the letter from the Independent Police Complaints Commission upholding several of Ella’s complaints regarding how her case was handled.
Also, here is Ella’s statement translated into German if you have any friends in Germany, please share with them.
Please consider donating to Ella Gareeva’s legal aid fund to help her win her children back and thank you for your support by sharing.










  1. Ann Sanderson · March 17, 2017

    I think you are a very brave woman to speak out against all the miscarriages of justice and that you are keeping fighting for your children. I feel it very sad that they have been taken away from you when they needed you the most. I wish you well in your fight. It has all been one huge cover-up.It is frightening when a school, a church, and people therein are involved and noone gets investigated despite your children naming many many people and identifying many,and not to be investigated has to be wrong. I hope you keep up your fight and gather more support, and in time you get your children back in time. This is so sad. keep strong and keep fighting, they will know in time the battle you have fought.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Barbara · July 12, 2017

    7/12/17: A “Thank You” to the Mother of these children for her own bravery and courage and the extraordinary courage of these children In their clear and specific descriptions of the sexual tortures inflicted upon them by their father and his “gang” of Satanists. It is very sad that the children were taken and that the Mother has such scant information about their well-being. It is also very concerning that the father may still have access to these children he has for so long sexually abused. There must be a way or ways for us all to help this family. (???????????????)


  3. Louise · July 27, 2017

    Ypu are still not reunited w9th your children? Can you not even see them? They will want you in time. I hope they are safe. I wish I could get them for you. I never doubted this case but you can see why such unimaginable disgusting abuse is covered up because its by the govrerning elites. The sick world we live in. What can be done now? Most of these sites you csnt post or get pulled. Cant you get a lawyer? I feel for you. I would like to help like others. They are your kids all you want is them with you. I know you will always be premitted from speaking out properly but they will want their mummy. Please God make them be safe. Cant you know who they are with? Hope and love to you.


  4. Amanda · September 8, 2017

    Thank you for sharing! Your link for the independent police complaints commission has been disabled.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Michelle McKenzie · February 2, 2018

    This case haunts me constantly until today. I can’t even remember how I stumbled upon the videos of the kids, firstly on holiday, then in a car park, telling their stories and then of course the police report videos. When you look at the faces of the kids, you just KNOW there is no possible way they are making these stories up, with the amount of detail that they give. My heart goes out to you Ella and family. British society is steeped in Satanism like we can never even imagine. I pray for your children. I pray one day you will re-unite with them and that they are re-habilitated.


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