The Many Faces Of Bridget Yorke

Who IS Bridget Yorke?  Why is she an important piece to the Hampstead puzzle?  What first alerted us to look into Bridget in the first place?  These are all questions to be answered in this post.  It will be long, the research has taken us more than a year of compiling information and finally it is time to come forth with what we know so far.

One alarm bell that rang the loudest was Bridget’s relationship to both Ella & Abraham.



Bridget is not commonly known around the Hampstead case supporters so I decided to do some “digging” or “tunneling” into who she was.  She has a Youtube channel that was once called “Biddy Baboon” but is now changed to “Bridget Yorke


Ella & Abraham comment on Bridget’s youtube channel but call her “Biddy”, indeed this is the same channel.  Notice the same channel cover photo as her Facebook cover photo.


Her WordPress site “The Eyes Of Bridget Yorke”


This blog has an “About Me” page


Other websites include her Tumblr blog for Inspirational Sleuthing, Surfing & Stalking


Her work on Pintrest is related to fashion, this link came from the above Gravatar profile, so we know it’s hers.


Her Instagram account


So now the question is, who IS Bridget Yorke?  Her Gravatar and WordPress profiles say, “I arrived in Paris as a South African model at 21 years old, in 1980, have been designing since 1984, am new at blogging, here goes…….”

Model Bridget Yorke at Maxim’s circa, 2007

Listen to those wonderfully intelligent answers in that video…whew!

Here’s Bridget Yorke at the “Bridget Yorke, I Love Paris” Party, 2007


Here she is with her bestie, Ellen Von Unwerth, (who I’m sure will not be happy about this post.) At the “Ellen Von Unwerth & Bridget Yorke Masked Birthday Party”, 2008       


Here, we see Bridget commenting on a photo avec son pere, circa 2009


La Haute Société extraordinaire!!!  That’s the Luciferic Haute Société, lol!   Here is Alice calling a smashing photo of Bridget, Maman.  Smashing!  Hoaxtead should have a field day with this…indeed, a yummy moment for me Char!  (Just wait for the next screen shot below this)


Now here’s the “THING” The High-Octane Screen Shot….Post by Alice, Bridget’s daughter, circa 2009


What’s that in your hands Niels?  Adrenaline you say?  Fresh from a WHAT?  A fresh Adrenal gland you say?  How the hell do you get adrenaline from a fresh adrenal gland? Is that from a tortured child, scared before being murdered?  And your friend there, you say he’s from Psych tv series?  So I suppose that would be James Roday in 2009.  I’m sure his handlers will be thrilled to see this.

Bridget’s partner who she had Alice with, is also a famous photographer, videographer with an interesting (strange) Youtube account.  Here’s what Kitsune has to say about their daughter

“You surely remember the marvellous Alice Auffray from the Maison Kitsuné x Yasmine Eslami shoot. Alice is a young Frenche (sic) model and young actress who was born in Paris, to a South African Ex Model turned clothes designer Mum, Bridget Yorke, and fashion photographer Dad Fred Aufray. Her Godmother is no one else than famed photographer Ellen von Unwerth, who started taking pictures of Alice from very early on.

Alice became very familiar with the camera thanks to her mother’s modelling years and her father’s profession and becoming a model was a very natural step for her.
She plans on becoming a stylist for fashion magazines, thats if she doesnt step into movies as she has a couple of interesting propositions already.”

Yes, well….all interesting stuff you say…

But what does this have to do with the Hampstead case?  

Well, it just so happens that Bridget likes to blog, she was blogging about fashion for a while which probably got boring, but also, something seems to have happened to her around 2009/2010, I’m not sure exactly what that “something” is/was but it had to do with “initiation” and failure of an initiation.  Let me start off with this video analysis of one of Hampstead cover-up’s main video creator and blog author, Jacqui Farmer from “Hampstead Research”.  She disguised her voice and accent specifically to avoid voice identification, she has a South African english accent.  “Hampstead Research” is no longer on line, however there are pieces of it HERE and the links work.   Many of the “Hampstead Research” videos can be found HERE.   I’ve written extensively about Jacqui Farmer/Charlotte Alton Ward HERE and my conclusion was that this is a person with skeletons stuffed in closets all over the place.  Here are a few screen shots to show you what I mean… This post is written by “Jacob Farmer”, one of the many fake profiles of Bridget/Jacqui/Charlotte


Then a few weeks later, on the TapBlog, she posts about leaving the case

My final statement – Jacqui Farmer

Dear Everybody

Happy New Year.

We have had a fascinating time. Our Facebook group was co-opted extremely cleverly. I won’t bore you with the details but boy, have I learned a few lessons. This was my final statement:

My final statement is this:

First, I want to express full support to Angie. David Shurter suggested she was disinfo. I do not believe this. I love Angie. Angie works with Jesus. She is a gorgeous person. If there is anyone in this group you can trust it is Angie. I have told David this.

I am going on to work with David Shurter and Fiona Barnett. I don’t agree with what David did in breaking the group’s confidentiality and I do not agree with everything he says but I like him very much and know that he is not disinfo.

Satanic Ritual and Mind Control programming survivor

Hampstead is a case for all sorts of people. Everyone is welcome (not that it’s for me to welcome people – I am just a blogger who has become an activist). I rarely talk about my experiences because if you knew what they were they would blow you away.

I have worked with some of the most highly evolved spiritual beings on this planet. Some of them are not human. They are not ETs. I do not work with them now but I have witnessed heavenly miracles and beauty that would blow your minds. I have been in celestial spaces that are so holy and beautiful that some people have given their lives to enter them…..yet never been admitted.

I do not know Fiona but she states that she is a Christian. I do not have any problems with Christians. The New Testament has truth in it. Angie is an example of a highly evolved Christian. So is Reina Michaelson. So is Fiona, I believe. There are many others.

David is a shaman. He was explaining to Fiona why shamanism is the OPPOSITE of Luciferianism. Christianity is not the opposite of Luciferianism – shamanism is.

True shamen are born. They experience a “shamanic initiation”. This is a very trying time involving dreams of dismemberment etc. After it they acquire shamanic power. These are the real shamen. This is true. I have met a few real and many fakes. David is real. I know this because I used to be on the board of the Spiritual Crisis Network and I have known people recovering from these initiations. This is VERY real. Shamanic initiations are not used by the Luciferians as far as I am aware.

What IS used by the Luciferians is negative initiation. This is the main purpose of their torturing people. As Fiona explains in her interview, they know how to open up the neural pathways using torture. Opening up these pathways in certain sequences gives people powers. There are different levels in the cult. Some Luciferians have powers like mind reading.

But there is also positive initiation. You earn those by being a good person – a truly good person to the depths of your soul. When your suffering is for the good (and I don’t mean torture, I mean humility, service and self sacrifice) you earn gifts. These are the beautiful esoteric secrets of the Universe. Jesus was an Initiate. I am not the only person who believes that the New Testament is a metaphor for initiation.

I know this because it has happened to me. Normally people are not permitted to talk about it. If you go to a spiritual teacher and ask them to discuss initiation they will turn you away – if they are any good. The reason I can talk about it is because I failed – I was a Initiate who failed an initiation. So I have given myself permission to talk about it. I was at a high level (nowhere near Jesus) but I failed. It was not just me – I take responsibility but the Luciferians got me. The dark wanted to snuff out the light. The story is too long to tell here but what I have directly experienced would, as I said, blow your minds.

At this point I have to say that this topic is so esoteric that I have had to include information that is, technically, incorrect in order for anyone to be able to understand it. I apologise for this: my motive is to spread awareness and not lie or boast. I want people to understand why the Luciferians torture and abuse (which is something a “positive” initiate would rather die than do).

I had powers that would astonish you. I was a beautiful person. I could see into people’s minds. (You only gain that one if you are so so very loving and non-judgemental you will not judge what you see.) If I wanted to I could connect into a heavenly group mind (I no longer can). I could heal people. People who were sick or depressed used to come to my flat and go away feeling better. I never had to use money because everything I needed came to me – I never had to pay a gas bill (not because I was spongeing off someone else or committing any crime but because the gas came to me free in the most magical way). I gave most of my money away to poor people. I am not remotely beautiful but people would come up to me in the street and say, “You know – you are so so beautiful”. I was one of the “radiant ones”. Unfortunately, the Luciferians found out and messed me up because they have occult/esoteric knowledge. But not before I healed one of them.

What you are reading now is deeply esoteric. You are reading about the secrets of the Universe…..

Leaving now…..blessings to you all. Expect me lol.

Jacqui Farmer

“Jacqui Farmer” WAS a Luciferian….and she’s running the main blog associated with the Hampstead cover-up.  Ella & Abraham were very aware of this and dis-associated themselves from her pretty early on.  They posted about “Dearman’s Witches, Bitches & Snitches” on their blog which I read the day it was posted.  Let’s just say I had a bit of a freak out about this…lol!  I wrote to them  via email wishing them good luck and saying I was leaving the case.


Ella and/or Abraham wrote back:


By June of 2015, “Jacqui” was writing to Hoaxtead Research, the blog denying the cover up, and indeed giving them all of my information and history from my Facebook profile.  She has put my life as well as that of my family’s lives in extreme danger.


This woman gave my personal information to my opposition, my children’s names and photos, my husband and his family.  She has put my children in harm’s way then has the balls to defame my character, my work and call ME a Luciferian.  HA!  That’s laughable, clearly she is projecting herself onto us.   Her team is not out to save the children as she, herself, states.  They are out to harm the reputations of other case supporters and above ALL of that, she destroys the mother, Ella Gareeva’s character as well.  This woman has single-handedly destroyed all credibility of anyone involved in this case.  Except for hers.  So what do they call that?   a disinfo agent?  a shill?  No, it’s beyond that….she worked at Tavistock, admittedly with Luciferians.  So perhaps she would be something along the lines of cointel-pro?!?!  Maybe.



As Abraham & Ella question in comments HERE,

“Why the prevalence of C.IA.,MI5, cointel, Bitches, Witches and snitches , pimps ponces and nonces , shills trolls and moles all over the Hampstead Cover Up. Why so much obfuscation, muddying of the waters ?
What could be so important ?”

Yes, indeed….WHICH side does she work for???  

By Sept. 2015 her Hampstead Research Twitter account was posting about “proof of Ella’s guilt”


Around the same time, Angel Powerless Disney came out with this video, where Angie tells Jake Clarke on the phone about some hackers who had hacked Ella’s & Ricky’s computers.  Shetold him how videos were found of Ella masturbating her son (aged 3 at the time of alleged video) to sleep and that Ella was involved, if not fully responsible, for her children’s abuse. Sounds like a bunch of BULLSHIT to me…especially since Ella’s computer and phone had been seized by police when they first reported the abuse.  The computer in question was in the hands of the Barnet police at said time of “Hacking”, lol….here’s the proof;  From Ella’s website, Hampstead Cover Up


So because I spoke out about this claim being BULLSHIT, I received this harassment on Jake Clarke’s wall from a sock account of “Jacqui Farmer”/”Jeanette Falcon”/Bridget Yorke, head of the “Ella was IN IT” team…#EllaGate



My response to this post;


What I (and many others) think is this…Bridget was a Luciferian initiate, failed an initiation and they harmed her.  This is her revenge.  Or she is STILL involved with Luciferians in Paris at war with the satanic cult in London.  Kerth Barker (46-page pdf at bottom) speaks about the war between the lower class (Satanists) and the upper class elitists (Luciferians).  This is a very plausible explanation.

My Facebook page, “Believe The Children” has a Note that I co-wrote with Sonya Van Gelder called “Panem & Circenses”, this is when we started speaking up about #EllaGate, the term given to this chapter of lunacy….There is so much more, but I’m going to end here and hope others have contributions.  Why is Bridget involved here?  Because she understands the “Cult” life and wanted her revenge.  Nice!

Oh, yes, here are a few of her LinkdIn profiles






I am not the only person who believes the Biddy Baboon/Bridget Yorke/Jacqui Farmer/Charlotte Alton Ward connections exist, our good friend “Truth 1” recently wrote a very detailed post entitled,

Investigating Hampstead Research Ops

Check it out!







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  1. truth1 · February 20, 2017

    JF has always made heavy use of sock puppets. No surprise to find so many. I am wondering since she graduated, I am guessing, in 84 and operating, as I see it, an intelligence operative by late 2009, I wonder when she worked at Tavistock and INFORM. I’ll have to look her book over again. I dread that!

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