Charlotte Ward-The Tavistock Shill

My blog came under attack recently by a profile called “GumpGump” on  I know, I laughed at the ridiculous name too, but while checking out the profile, I saw that it was our long, lost, creepily-jealous Jacqui Farmer/Charlotte Ward from that information-gathering “Hampstead Research” blog.


I found this post written by “GumpGump” calling my blog “Disinformation”


So where to start???  First of all Charlotte, I wasn’t “promoting my website”  I posted mostly links to other websites.  Second, I’ll quote you directly here, “Kris is somone who will hammer you if you do not use your real name.” I actually have never done that, that’s a lie.  You then go on to say “…but I never do because what I’m doing is fucking DANGEROUS”  You’re not the only one in danger, we all are while researching horrific, sadistic abusers.  Yet you drop MY name.  Putting me and my family in danger.  How is that even alright?  How can you say you care about children, yet hand me over for a SECOND TIME to extremely dangerous people?  You are not who you say you are, not for a second.  You don’t give a shit about children, you just want revenge on the “illuminati” that refused your sorry ass.  You’re a liar AND a coward.

You say I’ve never done “one second of decent investigation”  You’re not exactly the best person to critique,  during your short time with “Hampstead Research” you made millions of mistakes.  

I’ve never claimed to be a great investigator nor journalist.  This blog was only a place to put the screen shots I took, to organize and tell the researchers what I was finding, I’m not trying to do the same type of blog you had, oh, and where IS your blog?  Where’s all of your amazing research?  I don’t see it anywhere. I couldn’t “nick” any information from you or your website because by the time I really got this blog off the ground, yours was deleted.  

You coward, “Oh, I got death threats!”  Lol, that’s a daily occurrence around here, thanks to you giving Hoaxtead my information.  Big deal, that comes with the territory.


“Fear is the mind killer”-G&A

Nope, not friends with CAS, but I do get a lot of hits from her website, so I’ll not say anything.

I don’t have any ego about the research, I’m happy to say I think you’re a better researcher, but where IS your research…we could really use it, are you with-holding it from us?  Are you keeping it to yourself?  We all share research, I don’t own anything, I’m not going to be the one to solve this case, I’m happy to just be a part of it.  Because I can’t just sit here and do nothing about sadistic pedo rings…I’m here doing this, where are you and why are you attacking so VICIOUSLY the people around this case?  

You left this case, remember?  


Why are you still bothering us?  Go. Away. 

And I’m pretty sure David Shurter calls the Hampstead Cover-Up a “Psy-Op” as well as “#PizzaGate” as seen here….


He also says “Ella is in the cult” just like you, APD, Tracy Morris, Kristen Elizabeth and Malcolm Conrad Ogilvy also claim.  I’ll take these names down when you take my name off all the public places you’ve plastered, tarred and feathered me.  So if any of you are freaking out, just tell Charlotte to take a step back and stop harassing me.

Abe and Ella dis-associated themselves from this crew right here long ago, and they warned me about Charlotte.  Unfortunately, I had just made her co-admin of a secret group called “In Support Of Ella Gareeva & Her Children”.  So instead of kicking Charlotte out, like I should have, I left the group quietly and blocked her.  She says I set her up, I could have been much nastier but I wasn’t.  I had no ego about being the admin of that really great group of people,  Charlotte did.  Everything is about Charlotte, “Oh, I made a mistake again, I’m just working too fast…you can’t keep up?  Oh, I’ll slow down for you…” Fuck off.

She’s an initiate into something much too complicated to bother explaining to us peons here…


Lol, free gas just “came to her”!  Go, go away.  You’re a disinfo shill, an initiate and a traitor.  You’ve caused Ella more pain and anguish during her most difficult days.  She speaks about you here, after posting sensitive info she told you not to publish.  Just like Angela Power Disney uploaded videos to youtube that weren’t supposed to be made public.  You two alone wrecked so much havock in this case, it was fully on purpose.  Not to omit Kirsten Elizabeth on HRes Twitter, she claims that Ella was in the cult and she believed evidence of Ella’s “Guilt”.  Let me remind you’ve never produced any evidence other than hearsay, so what exactly are you doing?  You’re destroying a woman who lost her children to the cult?  And her defenders?  Back off, we are fighting a war YOU CANNOT WIN!  

You heartless, nasty women.  Shame on you.  

Shame on anyone that believes you are good people.  


As for Charlotte working for Tavistock, check!

From her own book, “Illuminati Party”



In the words of my very dear friend Sonya, who Charlotte so UN-eloquently tried to dish;

The case has been fraught with spies, agents, shills, trolls and the occasional psychopath. Continued intimidation, harassment, and bullying via our opposition as well as fellow activists is ongoing.
Infiltrating, opposing or discrediting movements serves a number of purposes in an information/credibility war. Besides gaining inside information, disinformation agents may deliberately leak information, create division, and steer the ‘group thinking’ and activity of support networks away from achieving real outcomes. Controlled opposition also satisfies the casual concerned observer that “someone is doing something”.
Such infiltration also serves to ‘media tarnish’ the reputation of the entire movement and therefore the public’s perception of the cause it stands for. This simple kind of manipulation is extremely effective, if we are blind to it. This is something that dedicated activists need to fully understand and remember in all our dealings, if we are ever to make a dent in breaking open cases such as this.

Here is more information on this fake Charlotte Ward/Jacqui Farmer/GumpGump/JustOut/Autumn Summers/Bella Bright/Anna Bella/Jeanette Falcon/Jacob Farmer/Biddy Baboon/Bridget Yorke/Just Human person in “The Many Faces Of Bridget Yorke”

Let me just end it here for now, I believe the children when they said:


I Believe The Children and not the adults that lie about or cover up the abuse.  I think we are seeing a world woke to the ugly truth that pedophile rings exist in massive numbers and the religion is just a cover to mask the reality, which is sado-masochistic pedophilia, adrenochrome addiction, production and sales of snuff videos, human trafficking, infanticide and much more.  

Rise, True Warriors, Rise…#LightTheDark




  1. Abraham Christie · January 20, 2017


    Liked by 1 person

    • Believe The Children · January 20, 2017

      Abraham, thank you for the link…good video. I would really like it if you could repost your article, “Dearman’s Witches, Bitches & Snitches” here…do you think you could do that? JF is trying to discredit my platform and I think that article is an important link. Thank you and god bless you two, much love to you both.


  2. truth1 · February 8, 2017

    I do not believe that Jacqui/Charlotte ever received any legitimate or authentic threats or danger. In fact, I believe the cult, thru Scarlette Scoop of Hoaxtead offered some insults to Jacqui to give her the appearance, but not the substance, of a real threat or danger. Charlotte has had connections with Home office UK, Tavistock, INFORM, and Youtube provides many special services for her by allowing her to keep indentified individuals from seeing her posts ( I don’t know what she wants to hide what she says from some, namely me. She is able to allow someone to make post and continue to see it and yet others will be able to see it. This so that identified persons will not know they posts are being hidden from others. who is this bitch that Youtube helps out like this? Youtube does this for certain MGTOW channels as well. There is a lot most people don’t know about Youtube.

    Jacqui has never been legitimately persecuted. These are what you call psyops. You will not find any of Jacqui Farmer’s published material from Hampstead Research. She did not want anyone to see a lot of the absurd crap and lies she put out and the nasty way she conducted herself online. This is one big bitch and pathological liar, in my experience. this is why none of her stuff is online. I personally believe she was the one instrumental in getting her 1st two versions of her blog deleted by Word Press. Her third was taken down voluntarily by her as no one was paying attention to her any more. She was a washed up failure. she ruined her own reputation. I have lots of into to get posted. I saves some of Hampstead Research’s pages so that people could see what she really is. for some Hampsted and Occult info. Some psychology and prophecy articles as well.

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    • Believe The Children · February 9, 2017

      Yes, I’m watching all of that also. It’s good to know others are watching all of this and paying attention. The Hampstead cover up has been heavily infiltrated by this entity, whatever her REAL identity is… Thanks for the link truth1!


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