Threats To Anonymous #OpHampstead & Jake C. From Satanists

First of all, let’s get one thing clear….


When you threaten one Anonymous page, you threaten all of Anonymous.

We became aware of some serious threats when a supporter of Anonymous #OpHampstead, who IS NOT THE ADMIN OF THE PAGE, but a SUPPORTER of the page, told us he was being harassed.  His name is blurred out for his protection, but Jake C. was thought to be the admin solely based on the fact that he shared their posts on Facebook.  In fact, Jake’s home address was published on Twitter.  It was quickly reported and taken down, however, many threats to the Anonymous page & Twitter account have been issued by satanist James Hind, also known as “SatanicViews”, more recently found out to be Julian Vayne, author of “The Blog of Baphomet”.  SEE THIS POST

Here they are:



James Hind @views_s 







Lol, REALLY?!?!  I think there are literally MILLIONS of people that would absolutely DISAGREE with you James Hind.  There are child abuse issues in EVERY religion, your religion is no different than any other.  PERIOD.

James Hind even posted Jake’s address where he lives.  This tweet was reported and taken down very quickly.  But do you see the level of intimidation directed at Jake?


James Hind also ran a blog called “List 616”, which is no longer “live”.


Photo from James Hind’s Twitter Account


The myriads of blog posts tagged with “Jake Cl…” from Hoaxtead Research (use your VPN when visiting & commenting there will give the blog your IP address, location & email-beware)  recently made all of their posts “Private”, knowing full well how much abuse those very articles included.  These screen captures were from the search results.





MKULTRA 666 Video about Jake is here and here.

A recent posting by fake profile, JHind, states how he supports new UK legislation AGAINST internet trolling…laughable really.  YOU are the TROLL.




And sent many private messages like this with your FAKE profile imitating ME…


A fantastic account of the implosion of Julian Vain, Nikki Weird, the id-IOT happening now… PETER J. CARROLL, THE I.O.T. & RITUAL CHILD ABUSE


The activists and child protection campaigners are NOT ATTACKING YOUR RELIGION.  We are after a paedo-sadistic, child/infant snuff film-producing sex cult that uses their videos to blackmail the elites, politicians, judges and in fact, royalty.  This is bigger than your measly threats, it’s bigger than most people can wrap their minds around.  We don’t care if you worship your own piss, let alone satan or lucifer while murdering a child, drinking its’ blood or eating its’ flesh.  What we are opposed to is the murdering children part.  The sexually abusing children part.  The torture of children while wearing horrific masks to cover your faces and robes to hide your body so you cannot be recognized in the videos you make.  So please understand when we activists say,




  1. truth1 · May 22, 2016

    I like how they try to make it out that P & Q are the ones being abused by us. Their faces and voices shown is not abuse. I know, the courts say it is but that is only because the courts, in behalf of the government, want to control all aspects of thought and expression in an attempt to hide the truth and cover up for authorities and wealth. Part of the battle is destroying the excuse for privacy, which is a code word for them that means “cover up” and “hiding truth.” Privacy = Secrecy = lies & deceit & fraud. Carve it in stone.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. e & a · June 4, 2016

    Phat comment Truth1

    Beauteous blogging KDC

    Liked by 1 person

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