The Jean-Clement Recording

From “Hampstead Cover-Up” 

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Audio transcript by Kane Slater Creator & Manager, CANNABIS CURES CANCERS! & United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May Eats Babies


Gabriel and Alisa Dearman, ages 8 and 9, speaking with their mother’s boyfriend, Abraham Christie, and their mother, Ella Gareeva, at the home of Abraham’s brother-in-law, London Metropolitan Police Special Constable Jean-Clement Yaohirou September 4, 2014
[My comments in brackets. –K.S.]
Abraham: Don’t tell Jean-Clement any lies.
Alisa: Yes.
Abraham: Do you hear me?
Alisa: Yes, Papa.
Abraham: Otherwise we’ll have to lock you up in the jail. Have you got room in the jail to lock her up tonight?
Jean-Clement: (laughter) Abraham: Have you got room, yes or no?
Jean-Clement: She is too pretty for that. (laughter)
Abraham: So, uh, tell him what you said: You deserve to be locked up for killing the babies. Listen, did you kill any babies?
Alisa: No.
Abraham: Who killed the babies?
Alisa: Papa. Papa hold our hand.
Jean-Clement: Hold your hands?
Abraham: Yeah.
Alisa: We put on our hand, but –
Jean-Clement: Yeah.
Abraham: He makes you put your – No, he puts your hand on.
Alisa: And then he puts his hand on ours, cuts off the baby’s head off. He’s strong. Abraham: He teaches you –
Alisa: He pushes, he pushes down and he teaches us how to cut the baby. He says he wants us to do it when we’re older.
Abraham: What you think? What, you don’t understand what I’m telling you? They are killing babies, wholesale … wholesale. They are killing them, they are drinking the blood, and they are eating the meat. And the skulls of the babies, they are tying them, four skulls here, here, four skulls here, one here, two here, one here, two here, elbows here. And they are making – what about the shoes? This baby-skin –
Alisa: Yes, baby, baby-skin shoes.
Abraham: Who makes the baby-skin shoes?
Alisa: Felix. There’s one man they call Felix, and Daniel.
Abraham: What is his normal job? Is he a shoemaker?
Alisa: Yes. He’s a shoemaker.
Abraham: What about the doctor? What about the doctor, is he, is he one as well?
Alisa: Yes.
Abraham: What about your headmistress, is she one as well?
Alisa: Yes.
Abraham: How many skulls does she wear when she dances?
Alisa: Twenty.
Abraham: So, uh –
Jean-Clement: Twenty baby — ?
Abraham: So how many, how many adults are involved?
Alisa: Like maybe like ooh four hundred, four hundred plus thir – four hundred fifty, four hundred thirty, something like that.
Abraham: Over four hundred adults are involved. And how many skulls do they wear each? … How many skulls do they wear?
Alisa: Uh, twenty.
Abraham: So there’s over four hundred adults and they’re all wearing twenty skulls each. Can you do the math? Over eight hundred. [Actually, the math on that works out to over eight thousand skulls.]
Abraham: All three children are involved in the cult now. From two different men, who are cult members. She came to me, because she knew I didn’t, I wasn’t a weird guy. She knew there was something, I was clean. And she knew, in her heart, that I could help her. She didn’t know how. I didn’t know how. … Her first husband, he sent the second man to her. Some of her friends that come to the house …
Jean-Clement: Uh-huh.
Abraham: They come to the house and they go to the school and sex the children, behind her back.
Jean-Clement: Is uh, is uh, is that … in the school? Abraham: In the school, in the church, in McDonald’s, at the swimming pool, at the local swimming pool.
Gabriel (?): In houses.
Abraham: And in people’s houses.
Jean-Clement: A club, like?
Abraham: Yeah.
Jean-Clement: OK.
Abraham: And in their houses, and in their houses. Happens in school during school hours, you go there on a Wednesday and you will arrest them all. And you will take the children in the school ‘cause they do it to every child in the school. And I guarantee you, out of the children, one hundred of them will talk.
Jean-Clement: How come the parents don’t know?
Abraham: Because the parents are all involved.
Alisa: All of them.
Abraham: That’s why it’s kept a secret.
Jean-Clement: A private school?
Abraham: No, Hampstead school, posh school.
Gabriel: It’s boys mixed, with boys.
Alisa: It’s boys mixed with girls.
Abraham: It’s all social, they’re all social climbers.
Jean-Clement: Ah, so they select the people to come to the school.
Abraham: That’s right.
Alisa: And they sell us for 50 Pounds each. So Papa sells me and Gabriel —
Abraham: At the parties. And a hundred people do sex to them. A hundred people do sex to them.
Jean-Clement: [inaudible]
Abraham: No, a hundred people do sex to them, each. So its two hundred, sex, two hundred times sex, two hundred times fifty is how much?
Alisa: Two hundred plus thirty?
Abraham: Ten grand. I’ve done the maths already. Ten thousand Pounds. That’s just, he also sells the videos. What else does he sell, too? A whole – shut up. He makes movies. He makes snuff movies of the babies. And he sells them in the Ukraine, in Russia, in Brazil, in Portugal, in Brussels, in England, he sells them all over the world. Tell Papa about the movies.
Gabriel: There’s a, there’s a, there’s a Mum, I got a, a, a, I got a friend called James in my class. And his mother’s called Galyna, and she’s Ukrainian, and she, um, she translates the movies, and she, she translates it, and she also, um …
Alisa: And it’s like movies of them doing sex to me and Gabriel, to the children in school, it’s like them doing sex and uh, they’re doing sex to each other, and then, and then they sometimes they make movies of them, them dancing.
Jean-Clement: How old are you two?
Gabriel: I’m eight and she’s nine, but I’m taller than she is.
Abraham: He’s supposed to see them. He organized a party for the 31st of August. We didn’t let him get the children because we know what he wants to do to them. When he finds out what they have told me, he will kill them.
Jean-Clement: So he doesn’t know yet?
Abraham: Of course he doesn’t know.
Jean-Clement: So he doesn’t know they’re here?
Abraham: He doesn’t know they’re here yet. He will find out. He will find out because we have to give the passports back to the solicitor, who is a member of the pedophile group.
Jean-Clement: Why can’t they change schools?
Abraham: They can’t change school.
Jean-Clement: They can’t?
Abraham: We were going to do that, but, No.
Jean-Clement: [inaudible]
Abraham: He’s gonna get them, he’s gonna get them if we don’t protect them, he’s gonna get them.
Jean-Clement: But is he got a court order to see them?
Abraham: But were not going to let him see them. We can’t let him see them. They will kill them.
Alisa: They’ll sacra – sacrifice us, the same like the baby. So they’ll eat us, themselves … Abraham: Now you understand my dilemma.
Abraham: So the father, he’s waiting and he has a court –
Jean-Clement: For them to go back to school?
Abraham: No, not only that. He has a visiting, he’s taken the mother to court now again. Jean-Clement: OK.
Abraham: Because he wants to see his children. But why does he want to see them? To do sex to them, to make party, to sell them to other people, and to make movies. We cannot let that happen any more, Jean-Clement. You understand?
Jean-Clement: OK.
Abraham: We cannot allow it to happen any more. Tell him about Papa’s secret room and what he does there. Secret rooms.
Jean-Clement: Can they stay here then?
Abraham: Where?
Jean-Clement: Here.
Abraham: What for? They can, but they will touch each other. And you can’t feed them, you can’t feed them the diet they need. They are vegan, raw vegan. Their mother won’t let them eat anything –
Jean-Clement: Unless they stay with mother then.
Abraham: Where?
Jean-Clement: Here.
Abraham: Stay with their mother here? Yeah. They could stay with us, they could stay with us where they are.
Jean-Clement: OK.
Abraham: We’re all friends.
Jean-Clement: There’s no problem with that.
Abraham: No, there’s problem. Has father got keys to the house?
Alisa: Yes.
Abraham: Is it a lie? Is it a lie?
Alisa: We gave him the keys –
Abraham: We do not have time for lies. Does father have keys to the house?
Alisa: No.
Abraham: What did you give him?
Alisa: Like I showed him the keys, and he copied it, in this key shop, and he got a spare copy of the keys, and I put, put it back to the keys, to our door.
Abraham: So he’s got copies of the keys? We can change the lock, that’s not a problem.
Abraham: Eh, don’t go to sleep. We’re gonna have a sandwich. Come on, come sit at the table. …
Abraham: Wash your hands, don’t make a mess. Come and sit over here together, yeah, please. You’s like a mint tea?
Alisa & Gabriel: Yes, please.
Alisa: Wash your hands, Gabriel. …
Abraham: Sit round at the table properly, son, don’t let me tell you again. Don’t let me tell you again. You sit round properly, thank-you. Thank-you. Need at bit more?
Gabriel: Uh-huh.
Abraham: You need a bit more ‘cause you’re going to have a little chocolate brownie with it and strawberries, is it alright?
Gabriel: Yes.
Abraham: Yeah.
Gabriel: [inaudible]
Abraham: At the table, you be quiet and you speak when you’re spoken to. Understand? Gabriel: Yes, Papa.
Abraham: Come on. Have some respect. Be respectful children, eh.
Alisa: And let’s help the children, let’s help each other.
Abraham: Yeah, let’s help each other and let’s make sure that no more children get killed, eh.
Gabriel: And we might uh –
Alisa: And make sure Papa goes to jail.
Alisa: If we see how your sister looks like.
Abraham: Here she is with my Mum. That’s my sister on the left, and that’s my Mum. Alisa: Your Mum looks really pretty.
Abraham: Aww …
Alisa: Your Mum looks just like our Mum … She’s a kind person.
Jean-Clement: So when everyone is gone, then they, they close the whole school?
Alisa: No … I don’t understand.
Abraham: When you’re Mum leaves in the morning –
Alisa: Yes.
Abraham: Are there other parents who know, and teachers who know —
Alisa: Yes. Yes.
Abraham: And children who know. What happens?
Alisa: They make sure the coast is clear. Mum is not there. Mum’s car is not there. Abraham: Why don’t they want your Mum to be there, why?
Alisa: Because they, they won’t touch none.
Abraham: Why?
Alisa: Because if they, if she doesn’t, they want her to know, they want her to be in it, but they know that if she is in it, she’s not like the kind of per – they know that she’s not the kind of person who’ll be in it, but they’re trying to get her in it.
Jean-Clement: OK. And why don’t you tell your Mum?
Alisa: Because is they keep – one is because they force us to, they tell us: If you tell them, if you tell Mum, you die, we’ll kill you, and your whole family.
Ella: So it was a hearing at the end of 2013. It was like inter, um, intermediate, um, and nothing was decided … because, you know, he wasn’t there for a year-and-a-half, they were, were reluctant to give him any contacts. Nevertheless, nevertheless in November there was anonymous call to NCPCC, child protection, um, agency, saying they give couple, uh, couple basically about me, saying that I’ve been abusive to children, I don’t feed them, I’m mentally unstable, and something else, um, something else. Apparently, I found, I was suspecting as much, a, um, neighbor, upstairs, that we had a bit of a problem, you know she didn’t like trampoline in the garden. I thought she just wanted to create problems.
Abraham: Trampoline … We had a big trampoline, we got a big trampoline in the garden. The neighbor above, she complained about the trampoline, she complained about just about anything should could find to complain.
Ella: But it was a communal garden. Actually, shouldn’t put an private property in the garden. But, you know, she didn’t like it. Apparently, the same lady she’s part of this cult as well. Now looks like they –
Jean-Clement: OK. The lady, she live above you …
Ella: Yeah.
Jean-Clement: … is part of the cult?
Ella: Yeah.
Jean-Clement: But you didn’t know?
Ella: I had no idea, I had no idea.
Jean-Clement: The kids never told you about any abuse that was happening to them?
Ella: Nothing at all.
Abraham: Did the lady upstairs abuse you? She never touched you, did she?
Alisa: No, but Papa is friends with her. She met, they met each other.
Abraham: Papa is friends with her. But she doesn’t have an appetite for children?
Alisa: No.
Abraham: She is just friends, she is just an associate of the cult, she helps them and they help her.
Alisa: She doesn’t, she doesn’t really like children.
Jean-Clement: OK.
Ella: She tries to cover things for him and –
Alisa: Aggressive.
Jean-Clement: Did she ever attended any of the … schools?
Alisa: Does she have children?
Jean-Clement: No. Did she attended any of the meetings?
Ella: The parties.
Jean-Clement: The cult.
Alisa: Yes. She’s friends with Papa. She’s friends with my Dad. But she doesn’t like, she doesn’t like the children, she doesn’t like touching them . Well, she does, she likes like what Papa’s doing to them. Because he’s mean to them, she’s mean to them, but she doesn’t touch them because she doesn’t like, she doesn’t even like to be near children. She’s not … she’s aggressive.
Jean-Clement: But she attended meeting?
Ella: She was at the parties?
Alisa: Yes.
Ella: … you know, these fun sex parties, which she told me …
Alisa: Yes, yes.
Ella: And she did do the, did she participated in the, um, you know, killing babies and drinking blood and all this?
Alisa: Yes, yes, yes. But she doesn’t, she doesn’t touch like, she doesn’t like children.
Jean-Clement: She doesn’t get involved, she just watches.
Alisa: Yes.
Jean-Clement: And she doesn’t get involved.
Alisa: Yes. But she does, she does sometimes does drink blood, she does.
Ella: And she eats meat as well?
Alisa: Yes. She usually does.
Jean-Clement: So when she goes there with you, and you know she goes there …
Alisa: Yes?
Jean-Clement: … and you see her …
Alisa: Uh-huh?
Jean-Clement: … in your … in the passage or in the corridor, do you speak to her?
Alisa: No. She doesn’t talk to children.
Jean-Clement: Oh, she doesn’t talk to children.
Alisa: She doesn’t like children. She doesn’t like.
Alisa: ‘Cause Mum, whenever she went into, whenever she meditated, me and Gabriel straight away touched each other.
Ella: I mean I was constantly running around. I, uh, single Mum, I was looking, I was looking after them and making food, you know this …
Alisa: And Gaia wasn’t clever, our touching, we hid away from her, in a park we, um, said we would go …
Jean-Clement: Who’s that?
Alisa: Gaia. Gaia, my nanny.
Jean-Clement: Oh, your nanny.
Alisa: Yes. She, um, she, she hardly spotted us touching. ‘Cause when we went to the park, um, um, we go, um “Me je peu rouler?” … that means: Can we go and have a little walk? Uh, myself, and then, um, and also we sometimes run and we like find sticks, and that when we run and she’s at the back of us, um, we touch each other that time. So she hardly ever spot us.
Ella: At some point, I did notice they were doing something. Um, once I caught them in the bathroom.
Alisa: You caught, you caught us touching, remember?
Ella: Once I came in the, like in the second bathroom in the old flat, and, um, I saw this, I didn’t SEE, but I thought when I came in they were doing something. Now what happened then, later, like a couple of days later, I look my phone, in my photographs, and Gabriel was filming Alisa without her underpants. Really short, like maybe under one minute. And so I had a word with them, looks like they became very skillful at hiding it from me. And, you know, like finding their ways to do that. Or like distracting me, saying that, you know, I’m hungry so I’ll prepare food, they go do it. And that was like kind of one of their tricks. And they developed like signs between them. OK, whenever I’m hungry, or I need to go to the toilet, let’s do that, let’s do that.
Abraham: Let’s go and touch each other. Let’s go and oh, they’d go like this, Mum’s talking, she’s talking, they wouldn’t say a word, she’d go like …
Ella: Behind my back.
Abraham: And they’d go and do sex, maybe go and do sex, or touch each other. Or she’d go like this …
Alisa: Mum, remember when you spot us …?
Abraham: Excuse me.
Alisa: Yes.
Abraham: Or she’d go like this … and then that’s another sign. What does that mean? Alisa: That means like, say that means: Mum’s not looking, she’s away, we can touch each other.
Abraham: And what is this one? What this one means? Stick out your bum?
Alisa: That means: Go to the toilet.
Abraham: Stick out the bum twice?
Alisa: And then, twice …
Abraham: And what does this one mean?
Alisa: That one means, that one means: Be careful of Mum. That one means, that one means: Be careful of Mum. The sticking out the bum TWICE means like, like: Go to the toilet and do it. Or just once, that means … put, put, uh, um, because Papa, Papa learned …
Abraham: Don’t tell me what, tell him what once means: Put poo on our food?
Alisa: Yes, because Papa, Papa …
Abraham: Don’t keep … Papa, right.
Alisa: He was learning us.
Abraham & Ella: Teaching us.
Alisa: He was teaching us.
Gabriel: Signs.
Alisa: To put, uh, poo on her food, and her toothbrush.
Abraham: Yeah. They took my toothbrush and they wiped it around the toilet. And I kept getting sick, I kept getting the runs and I couldn’t work out why. And then I worked it out. Then I worked it out. And then when I realized they were doing it, I didn’t make a big scene because we already had enough pressure by finding out this. So what I did I kept cool, and I moved my toothbrush from the sink where I usually kept it and I put it into my bag, to let them know I know what you were doing, I’m not going to make a scene for Mama, do not do it any more. And guess what, they did. They continued to do it to my toothbrush. So I raised it as an issue, and I gave them licks for it. I gave them good licks for it.
Ella: Now the thing is now when I learned about it all, I started to look back and I’ve seen this and now, now I’ve seen what is going on because, for example, when Alisa was like really tiny, maybe like under one years old, still in the pram, one time she was, she was like crying for, I don’t know, non-stop for maybe an hour. Like screaming, screaming, screaming … I mean she was fed, she was changed, she didn’t have anything bad to upset her stomach, she was screaming and screaming and screaming and, um, I think this was maybe the first time he did some sexual thing to her. And, um …
Alisa: And remember that time I was in this little baby bed and I was screaming there for hours, for like maybe one hour, and Marsha was there, Marsha still was with you, and then, uh, trying to calm me down, that’s what I remember.
Ella: So, and then, kind of like now I could, I could see what’s going on, what was going on … I could recognize it.
Abraham: In hindsight, in hindsight, now you know what’s been going on.
Ella: So I could kind of, in my memory, I could think this could mean, must be that, must be that. But, at the time, I had no idea.
Alisa: Mum couldn’t even imagine that, Mum couldn’t even imagine that, of Papa doing sex to us and we were killing babies, she couldn’t even, she couldn’t even think of that.
Jean-Clement: So you became aware now.
Ella: Yeah.
Jean-Clement: You know about it. So what happened?
Ella: Yeah, so what happened …
Jean-Clement: Did you confront the Dad? Ask him about it?
Ella: No, no.
Jean-Clement: Why not?
Ella: We, uh …
Abraham: We didn’t know, Jean-Clement. She didn’t know then.
Ella: We only discovered four weeks ago, this whole thing.
Abraham: We only discovered this …
Jean-Clement: Why didn’t you spoke today?
Abraham: Jean-Clement, listen to me. We only discovered this …
Ella: Just now, just now …
Abraham: One moment –
Ella: … two weeks ago.
Abraham: I suspected this, listen I had my first suspicions about, almost two months ago, I think maybe a month, almost two months ago, when I first heard his voice on the, on the Skype.
Ella: On Skype, yeah.
Abraham: That was when I had my suspicions. I wasn’t one hundred per cent sure.
Jean-Clement: Oh, from the sound of his voice?
Abraham: Yes!
Ella: Uh-huh.
Abraham: And also because of the clues I’ve had from the children’s behavior, from them touching the Dog.
Gabriel: Yeah, we were touching the Dog’s privates.
Abraham: And certain other clues.
Alisa: Papa also takes Dogs, and he tells us to touch the privates.
Abraham: So, and certain other clues, I began to suspect heavily. And then when we got to Morocco and I realized that they were touching each other on a regular basis, I said to them: You guys are doing this regularly, how come no one’s caught you? Who is touching you? Who? I know someone else is touching you, you’ve learned this from an adult. Who is it, who is it? And then they …
Jean-Clement: That’s when they unfolded.
Abraham: Then they opened this up.
Ella: What his address, um, what’s his address?
Alisa: Who, Papa’s? … 15, no, 16 Angel Road. Abraham: 16? You told me it’s 15.
Alisa: No, 16, 16.
Ella: They were changing this.
Abraham: You told me it was 15.
Alisa: No, it’s 16.
Abraham: You told me –
Ella: The reason I’m asking because I’ve got different, even, um …
Jean-Clement: That Angel Road in Hampstead?
Ella: No, this is in Islington.
Abraham: What’s his real address? What is it?
Alisa: 15 Angel Road.
Abraham: You just told them 16. Jean-Clement.
Jean-Clement: Yes?
Abraham: Jean-Clement, this one has to be watched.
Jean-Clement: No, no …
Abraham: No, no, no, don’t tell me anything. His address is 15 Angel Road, and she just told you it was 16 Angel Place, Angel Road, and she just told you it was 16. Pay close attention to this one.
Jean-Clement: Does this one or two building?
Abraham: Jean-Clement … no, no, Jean-Clement, I lived with her, you’re not listening to me.
Jean-Clement: OK Abraham: She lies. Instinctively. She lies.
Jean-Clement: So if you think she lies … why would you believe her story?
Abraham: Because I questioned her ten times, and then I will question him … we question them separately …
Jean-Clement: Oh, right.
Abraham: … like the police do.
Jean-Clement: OK.
Abraham: And anything that corresponds perfectly we, we, OK.
Jean-Clement: OK.
Abraham: The reason we know that the house, it doesn’t matter the number, we know the road and we know that it’s right on the corner, corner house. So if she tell us 15, 16, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter she tell us 15, 16, 17, we know it’s the corner house. Don’t we?
Alisa: Yes.
Abraham: What’s the real address?
Alisa: Angel, Angel Road.
Abraham: What is the number, darling?
Alisa: It’s on the corner.
Abraham: What is the number? Don’t try to evade the question. What’s the number? Alisa: Number 15.
Abraham: Why did you tell us 16 just now? Go and wash your plate, please.
Jean-Clement: That’s probably because the information I was provided is meant to confusicate.
Abraham: What information was provided by who?
Ella: Make confusing, us.
Abraham: No, no, you are being naïve.
Jean-Clement: Where is provided to them …
Abraham: Can you stop being naïve? And can you just listen to us, who have the experience of dealing with them? She purposely, and expertly …
Ella: Was misleading.
Jean-Clement: That’s what she says. That’s what she was trained to do.
Abraham: No. Yes, she was trained.
Jean-Clement: That’s what she said.
Ella: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Jean-Clement: So you have to understand that.
Abraham: No, we do understand that. But we’re letting you know.
Jean-Clement: It’s not purposely done. It’s done so that the story, when it goes out, nobody follows it. That how it’s made.
Ella: They’re mixing, they’re mixing some truthful facts with some lies. Mixing and mixing, mixing, so it took us four weeks to get to the …
Abraham: She actually attempts to mislead …
Jean-Clement: That’s why …
Abraham: She actually attempts. But because we know that when we are sometimes, this is another one of her, this is what she does … Ella and I, we will begin to discuss certain aspects of the situation …
Jean-Clement: OK.
Abraham: … and by discussing it …
Jean-Clement: Yeah.
Abraham: … we brainstorm, and together we come up, or we work out, we work things out.
Jean-Clement: OK.
Abraham: What she will do when we are talking, she will interrupt us …
Jean-Clement: Yeah.
Abraham: … and distract us with something. And send us, try to, attempt to send us in another complete … we say to her: Be quiet, don’t distract us any more.
Ella: And she would listen to our conversations.
Abraham: Oh, she eavesdrops on your conversations, and he does it as well.
Ella: And she would use the information she heard …
Abraham: And he does it.
Ella: … creating whatever, some kind of confusion between us.
Abraham: What you looking at him for? What you just, what was that look you just did to him? What was that look she just did to you?
Gabriel: It’s a sign to me.
Abraham: What was the sign?
Gabriel: The eye one.
Abraham: What does that mean?
Gabriel: That means I’m ready to …
Abraham: You’re ready to touch? Excuse me!
Jean-Clement: Yeah.
Abraham: Pay close attention. Because you think you know, but you don’t. Once you are talking, and once we are distracted explaining to you, because you don’t, you don’t know them.
Jean-Clement: Hmmm …
Abraham: So once we are distracted. Umm, how can I say? Um, once we are distracted explaining to you the situation, the enormousness of the situation, and how expertly they are able to distract, once we are doing this, she knows and she made an eye sign to him that “I am ready to touch.” Because they regularly touch, because the father questions them as to whether or not they have touched each other.
Ella: And if they haven’t, he would hurt them.
Abraham: Punish them.
Alisa: And sometime he accuses us.
Abraham: He accuses you of not doing it, even when you touch.
Gabriel: We touch it. And then he says: No, you haven’t, stop lying.
Ella: How many times? They supposed to do it five times at least. Yeah, five times a day? Alisa: Every day. Every single day.
Abraham: Ahh … now you’re getting some idea of the case, Jean-Clement. Alright, what we’re up against.
Ella: And even they’re saying he did, he will still hurt, hurt them.
Alisa: Anyway, he’ll hurt us anyway. Anyway.
Abraham: Because he takes, he takes sadistic pleasure in hurting you.
Ella: Also he would scream into the, Gabriel …
Abraham: He screams into his ear, he’s deaf in one ear. He screams into their ear. When are there – excuse me – when he is holding them to kill the baby with a knife, he’s screaming into their ear. What happens, who screams into your ear?
Gabriel: Alisa and Papa. Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Abraham: And what about the rest of the people, what do they say?
Gabriel: Kill! They say, they say …
Abraham: Tell me how they say it.
Alisa & Gabriel: They say: Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Like cheers.
Abraham: Say it. Say it how they say it.
Alisa & Gabriel: Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!
Alisa: Like that. But then after, when it’s my turn to kill the baby, the others and Gabriel say Kill.
Abraham: And when it’s his turn to say it, you say it.
Alisa: Yes.
Abraham: What’s the word that you say?
Alisa: Kill.
Abraham: Say it more for me, I want to hear it.
Alisa: Kill, kill, kill, kill. Abraham: I like the sound of it. Can you say it together? Say it together? Let’s all say it together.
Abraham & Alisa & Gabriel: Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!
Abraham: That’s what they say.
Gabriel: Then really loudly, in my ear.
Abraham: You getting the picture now? You’re getting the picture.
Gabriel: And they also, um, sometimes they say: Kill the baby! Kill the baby! Ella: It’s incredible.
Abraham: What do they say?
Gabriel: Kill the baby! Kill the baby! Kill the baby! Kill the baby!
Abraham: Let’s say it together, let’s say it together.
Abraham & Alisa & Gabriel: Kill the baby! Kill the baby! Kill the baby! Kill the baby! Abraham: Thank-you.
Gabriel: Like that.
Ella: He was doing to Alisa’s ears, while she’s not hearing very well in the other ear. Gabriel: I’m deaf in this one, completely deaf.
Ella: The thing is …
Alisa: Sometimes we do not listen to Mum. But usually is the, the reason is, because we can’t, we don’t listen to them is because we can’t hear them. That’s usually the point. But usually we sometimes do not listen to them.
Abraham: I love that honesty, I love that honesty, beautiful honesty that is.
Ella: On Wednesdays they had a special day in school …
Abraham: First time you tell them you killed baby …
Ella: … for example … up to sixty people could be abusing them in one day.
Abraham: Each.
Ella: They were putting broomsticks in their bottoms …
Abraham: Mama, mama, mama, let’s get the children to bed, please. It’s quarter past one. Please, can we get the children to bed? We are all so tired. I am tired.
Jean-Clement: Can I [inaudible] come to you, so that they will have time to sleep in? Abraham: Yes. You should come to us.
Jean-Clement: Is that better?
Abraham: Yes, yes, you should come to us. Yes, please, Jean-Clement. “S’il vous plait. S’il vous plait.” Can we go now?
Gabriel: And, um, they, um …
Abraham: Can we go now, please? Thank-you. I’ve been patiently asking since quarter-to-one. Thank-you.
Jean-Clement: Want me to copy this one? I, uh, keep all you got, make copies.
Ella: I’ll, I’ll …
Abraham: Can we do this tomorrow? Can we finish? Can we terminate now? Can we go now, please? I’m tired. Thank-you. Thank-you. Some of us have been working on this for a month, full-time, some of us haven’t slept for a month. Let’s go.
Ella: Thank-you very much. Nice, nice to meet you. Thank-you very much for your time. Abraham: I told you he’d, I told you he’d be perfect, perfect man for the job. Patient, patient. He’s kind, he’s thorough.
End of recording
“Judge” Anna Pauffley listened to the “very lengthy audio recording” made by Special constable Jean Clement Yaohirou. This recording was the very first disclosure to the police reporting the rapes and murders at Hampstead Christ Church primary school and church, 5.9.14. ANYONE listening to this recording immediately realises the seriousness of the allegations, and that this is NOT a custody dispute, OR a matter for a “Family Court”: it is the report of rape, torture and murder of children. Starting at around 1hr 25mins on the recording, the children begin to describe a black wart, “about the size of a five pence piece” on the vaginal “lips” of school nurse, Ms Marden. They go on to describe a “devil” tattoo Marden has on her pudendum, where her wart looks as if it is on the “devil’s cheek”. Both alisa and gabriel state clearly that all the teachers have these genital tattoos, as do the parents and children taking part in the “fun, sex parties”. This “TATTOO” testimony is highly-incriminating IDENTIFYING evidence, yet Pauffley in her so-called “judgement” (19-3-15) does NOT mention one word about these tattoos, or any of the genital markings such as piercings, birthmarks or warts the children had described on their NAMED attackers. “Judge” Pauffley KNEW the police had concealed this damning recording the same day they received it, and that it never formed part of their so-called investigation. Pauffley KNEW the concealment of this evidence by the police was a criminal act: FRAUD. “Judge” Anna Pauffley also KNEW, by being aware of this FACT, yet continuing with her Family Court “fact-finding hearing” – instead of halting it the moment she realised there had been no investigation of the tattoos/genital marks – that she too was committing FRAUD. This recording and its FRAUDULENT concealment of its important and highly-incriminating identifying testimony/evidence, proves that DI John Cannon 189067, DS Matthew Fernandez 205219, DC Steve Martin 219414, DC Alan Rogers 207875, DC Carl Savage (warrant number NOT recorded in police CRIS report) along with “Judge” Anna Pauffley and “Judge” Nigel Ryder, have ALL participated in FRAUD in order to cover-up the Hampstead Christ Church Child Rapes and Murders. THERE WAS NO INVESTIGATION, ONLY A COVER-UP FROM THE VERY FIRST DAY.
“They now revealed that it was their father who was teaching them to do this. Moreover, he was forcing them to steal for him. The large amounts of money were missing both from Mr Christie’s wallet and my purse.In May-June 2014 the large amounts were taken from my credit card. Alisa says that her dad asked her to write the card details for him. This incident was reported to the bank. Mr Dearman forced Alisa to steal Mr Christie’s iPhone (along with the other few possessions), which according to the children, was then used by Mr Dearman to film the sexual abuse scenes.I was constantly seeking the answers to the situation, asked the school….” Did you forget about this piece of evidence Mr.Dearman ? How is your ploy to fit Abe’s phone up with CHILD PORN working out Mr. Dearman ?. YOU advertise your own daughter for sale/sex on your CHILD PORN sites. mention the word PORN at least 7 times in your police interview where you are being questioned regarding sodomising the children. YOU tell Ella that you believe you’ve seen her on a PORN site during a Skype conversation with the children present. YOU pester Ella with PORNOGRAPHIC texts messages, which she eventually reports to the “Police.” YOU produce CHILD PORN snuff movies, the children testified. YOU attempt to fit Abraham up with CHILD PORN on his phone that you told the children to steal for you. Can you see a pattern Mr Dearman ? Would you like some assistance ? YOU and CHILD PORN is the repetitive pattern. Your straw man attacks on Abraham have failed, (but don’t let that stop you) because YOU have attracted more attention to YOUR links to CHILD PORN and snuff movies, David (Porky) Cameron’s Big Society money laundering, FRAUD and your off shore banking services, 1000’s of innocent children’s deaths each year, organ trafficking… Keep grabbing all you can, you’ll be able to take it ALL to Hell with you. Ask not for whom the Bell tolls…. “ Abraham
“The statement in Dr. Hodes medical report is: “Physical findings today further confirm the allegations of inflicted anal injury from insertion of a blunt penetrative force and are consistent with the allegations of sexual abuse.” That is quite clear and unequivocal and in conjunction with the children’s detailed disclosure and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, this should have been enough evidence to prompt an immediate criminal investigation. Dearman et al repeatedly attempt to obfuscate and deny the unequivocal nature of Dr. Hodes’ findings. Why ?“
Ricky Dearman- Have you considered that your perception of what the audio reveals is tainted by your desire to “blackjacket” me because you hold me responsible for exposing you ? The children REALLY exposed you, hemp was the catalyst. This audio was concealed by D.C. Rogers and D.I. Cannon because any decent human being can hear the children speaking freely of their experiences with you and your degenerate associates, corroborating the private videos, police ABE interviews and testimonies in the extensive file handed to Barnet Police by Ella on September 5th 2014. This audio has the ring of TRUTH. Something that an inveterate liar may have difficulty hearing. As a generational Satanist ( listen to the children explain in this audio) you were introduced by Christ Church School teacher Claire Wilmer to other teachers/Satanists involved in State sponsored Trauma Based Mind Control (TBMC) programs which have infested numerous schools, nurseries, hospitals, and private dwellings in & around Hampstead and throughout U.K. All with the full participation of Head Teacher, Kate ( Port Wine Stain Birth Marked pudendum with TATTOO and gold Piece rings, on extended paid leave at the taxpayers expense.) Forsdyke, and school nurse Nina ( large black mole the size of a five pence piece on the cheek of her pudendum Baphomet/Devil TATTOO) Marden, AND not forgetting your BFF Best Friend Forever, Louis(a) ( Spotted Dick) Hollings. How is Father Paul. the Christ Church priest, with his pudenda TATTOO and piercings down his back? Still in hiding in Spain. Do you suppose Camden Education Board knows anything about it !!?? Say hi to Sophie ( Devil TATTOOED pudenda, Adrenal Fatigue) Dix at the BBC. Perhaps she can wrangle another interview for you. Your narcissistic psychopathic ego caused you to believe that you could TBMC the children without their mother ( of course you ordered the children to “make it difficult” for Ella, even encouraging them to commit matricide) or anyone else suspecting. Such arrogance… but then if you’re off shore banking the proceeds of money laundering scams involving Galyna and Mark( TATTOOED pudendum and genitalia) Upson, Prime Minister David (Porky) Cameron and others, whilst also supplying child/snuff porn, cocaine and organising “Fun Sex Parties” for Thelamites, Satanists, sodomites and sadists you could be forgiven for considering yourself invincible. Cocaine can have that effect. How long did you think you could get away with it !? STATE SPONSORED TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL STOPS HERE ! FREE THE HAMPSTEAD 2 !“ Abraham

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