To The People Of Hampstead

There was a comment left on HoaxResearch recently that has shook that blog to their core.  Let me post it for you


In case that screen shot is not clear enough, here is the text of that comment:

“The People of Hampstead”

March 9, 2016

“Let me get this straight. This blog is to prove that the children were not abused by a Satanic Cult. And your genius way of doing this is by getting James Hind, a Satanist, to be one of your main correspondence.

And you wonder why people still think this blog is run by the children’s father as part of the named Satanic cult?

May I also take this opportunity to remind you that threatening to commit [scienter] and or engaging in criminal acts, such as online bullying, hacking and DDOS attacks, is highly illegal and punishable with imprisonment.

For more on the subject see the following acts:

The Computer Misuse Act 1990
The Terrorism Act 2000
Malicious Communications Act 1988
Protection from Harassment Act 1996

As an ex-police military officer, I could quite easily refer this for further investigation. However; as a cyber crimes investigator, I am pretty sure Mr Hines does not have the resources or know-how to commit such offences and is just scaremongering.

Not that anyone reads his insane blog anyway! He is, perhaps, in need of some professional help to combat the issues he faced as a child?

I if this blog really does have good intentions, I strongly suggest it cleans its act up. As we see it, it damages the reputation of innocent people around Hampstead who have been wrongly accused.

The people of Hampstead do not want to be associated with people that harass others and who support Satanists.

The courts have already made its judgement and the case has been put to bed. We do not need internet trolls damaging our names any further.

Consider this a friendly warning from various people around Hampstead that are being directly effected by this blog and the damage it’s doing to us.

We have a lot of financial might to take things further if the harassment and illegal activities of this blog and related networks continue. You may think you’re doing the right thing, but you are damaging our reputations.

Please stop. This is not a childish game!”

Indeed, it is NOT a game.

I do want to point out, however, one inconsistency with this comment, “The courts have already made its judgement and the case has been put to bed. We do not need internet trolls damaging our names any further.”

Ms. Draper has written to the IPCC (INDEPENDENT POLICE COMPLAINTS COMMISSION) with a list of complaints and received a response recommending that Barnet Police Department re-open the case.

Here is my blog entry about the IPCC letter and here is Ms. Drapers blog entry on her blog “”.  Ms. Draper’s post has much more information regarding the IPCC letter and responses.

Again, then next day, HoaxRes received another comment.  This time by a 16 year old girl by the name of “Amy”


This is how they responded:


I want to remind you, when you comment on a WordPress blog, the author receives an email with your IP address, as well as a link to whois dot net-like this


I personally have NEVER commented there for this reason.  Mr. Dearman has made a fake profile using my photo as “DaCosta Living” and uses it often.  But this is a warning if you do not want your IP address in the hands of this group, then you should not comment there.  Lest it be used against you like this:



It’s been more than a year that this case has been in the public arena.  There are many people who’ve been researching this case since last February (2015).  We have been harassed beyond measure.  For researching the allegations by two children who could have never known of that which they spoke unless they, indeed, experienced the things they so eloquently spoke of.   They gave similar testimonies, independent of each other.  The law says when two people give testimony of similar events, separate and independent of each other, then an investigation of the allegations must commence.  When the children were in police custody, they gave separate and independent but contrasting retractions.  Like this;



Also I am reminded by a fellow researcher, whose name I will with-hold for her own protection, but an excellent researcher none-the-less when s/he says;

“… the ‘Court’ situation shouldn’t really be about ‘High Court’ v ‘Family Court’ – but more importantly the case was heard in SECRET. No members of the public were allowed into the ‘Fact Finding Hearing’. Not even the children’s grandparents were allowed, neither were the McKenzie friends. THAT’S the important issue here. Just because Pauffley made her judgement public (which by the way is I think unprecedented), makes the whole thing even more suspect. This case should have been in CRIMINAL court. not SECRET family court. That’s the issue as far as I am concerned. And the reason they didn’t arrest Abe (who was purported to be a child abusing, wasting police time, torturing children etc.) – the reason that Abe WASN’T arrested (Abe was outside the RCJ when the fact finding was going on), is because then the police would have had to expose ALL the videos, ALL the allegations, ALL the evidence IN A PUBLIC COURT OF LAW. And that’s why the case so speedily rushed to SECRET FAMILY COURT. See what I mean? The police and Pauffley knew that the evidence could be covered up in a family court – but it couldn’t be covered up in a criminal court. Listen to the police interview of RD. Officer Savage couldn’t WAIT to keep saying ‘this needs to go to family court’.”

Here is an EXCELLENT in-dept analysis by “Truth1” of Ella’s daughter in her police interivews.  This article is a MUST-READ!

Here is another DearmanDoesHampstead post, written today, “Dearman-Pornographer?”


This week, I will be hosting some guest writers, respected fellow researchers showcasing their online abuse by the accused.  I will attempt to put together their abuse campaigns in order to show there is a pattern to the Hoaxtead Res team in order to intimidate, harass and attempt to arrest anyone who speaks out against them.  Keep checking back!



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