Here is a list of domains hosted by an IP address (not shown) known to be attributed to Mr. Dearman.  We can verify that most of these, if not all, do in fact belong to him.












dp10mwlcs (Mass Weight Loss Control System, same as above)


















Here is a video, with comments beneath it, regarding this same topic;

“CCCP 17; Dearman-Pornographer?”

Here’s an excellent comment by ITGuy about Dearman’s IP’s from the video linked above; Comment from “CCCP17; Dearman-Pornographer?”


Text with links of this comment;

“Dear V_A_H, Unlike you I am an IT Expert. We know has the Same IP as The site was recently deleted but you can see remnants here. The IP address: If you do the same thing for It has the same IP address If you just type the IP address into your browser you get This means there is a primary domain set up on that IP called at bluehost This is a both a static and dedicated IP address (only one person owns it) Bluehost provides a dedicated IP to ranges in the to range there are no shared IP’s in this range. If it was a shared IP like Bluehosts shared range you would get no website configured error example will give this error Bluehost IP addresses in the ranges to are shared IP addresses. These are owned by more than 1 person. A single person owns and we can prove who that is. Example sites that also owned by Ricky that are on etc NHS_LABS.COM is under a hidden registration (Domain owner is a proxy). but if you search hard you will find Ricky did create it!about-us Another proof there just happens to be a directory called rickydearman and all his other sites off that IP are Ricky Dearmans sites This is a dedicated IP and I have proven this. Now we have proven you do not know what you are talking about please do not try to speculate that is not a DNS server. This backup DNS server was activated by adding this server to your DNS configuration on your computer. The reason there was a list of sites that did not work was because these were names associated with this DNS server so they could not be resolved as it is no longer available as Ricky had taken. There are breadcrumbs of this all over the net and the configuration files at this address also still show the names and IPs servers.”
And another comment made by ITGuy
“Hi Stophoax You said “The trick Is that Ricky he is a computer illiterate”. I am not sure I agree. Ricky Dearman says he is an expert in computers so I am not sure how you could say he is not. Based on his skills it appears he does know how to build a website and would know if people were using his server for hosting a Pornagraphic DNS This Ricky Dearman who is notes he is an expert in internet marketing and highlights his skills on his resume And boasts about on his “Other Twitter Feed” Not the twitter feed he uses for following pornography He also professes to be a Computer Network Professional Does Voice overs on how to use a computer and edit digital media And even runs his own Internet Digital Media advertising company “


Also, I offer up’s,DEARMAN’S POLICE INTERVIEW ANALYSIS 15.09.14.” /where from page 21 Dearman begins speaking ABOUT INTERNET MARKETING and the PORNOGRAPHIC INDUSTRY, mentioning the words “INTERNET PORN”, “PORN INDUSTRY” and “ADULT SITES” no less than 7 times in an interview where he is being questioned about sodomising his children !!??

page 21:Dearman mentions the term “PORN INDUSTRY”

page 22: he mentions the words “PORN SITES”, “PORN INDUSTRY”

page 23: “PORN” and “PORN SITES”

page 24: “ADULT SITE”

page 25: “PORN”

Dearman continues to make references to PORNGRAPHIC ADULT SITES throughout the interview.

I think we can safely say that there is a rather LARGE possibility that Mr. Dearman would have the connections, know-how and the ability to make, market and sell pornography.






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