Left-Hand Path Connections (updated)

It’s easy for Mr. Dearman to say he is innocent of raping his children, torturing, killing & eating the flesh and drinking the blood of infants.  Unfortunately for Mr. Dearman he surrounds himself and associates with people who walk the left-hand path therefore simply by association, he is subliminally telling us that he also walks this dark path.

If one is accused of paedophilia, you don’t associate with paedophiles and then claim you’re not a paedophile.  If one is accused of theft, you don’t purposely surround yourself with thieves and expect people to believe you are not a thief.  Mr. Dearman is being accused of practicing Satanic Ritual Abuse and he surrounds himself with satanists expecting us to believe he, himself, is not a satanist.  Sorry Mr. Dearman, we don’t believe you.  Here are some of his associations;

First up is profile “MK Ultra 666”

Here is a previously written post on MK Ultra666


I do not believe Mr. Dearman runs the MK Ultra 666 profile but I have an idea of whom it may be.   Nonetheless, here is MK Ultra 666’s video list of the last 10 months since the profile was created (joined 6 April, 2015)


EVERY. SINGLE. VIDEO. Is about the Hampstead case, claiming it’s a hoax.  Filled with death threats, horrific images, satanic symbolism, innuendos, calling the mother a bad mum for reporting her children’s abuse to the police and much more.  Take a look for yourself.  Is this really the best approach to prove one’s innocence?  By endorsing nasty, horrific videos?  To prove you don’t make and sell nasty, horrific videos?!?!  What kind of dimwit DOES that?  Ffs…



A fantastic comment; Bravo!


Next up is a profile called “Satanic Views” with a WordPress website of the same name; which, apparently, has been put on hold for a year as of Dec. 2015.  


Why has this blog been put on hold?  Perhaps Mr. Dearman is taking up so much of the authors time campaigning against the children that the author hasn’t enough time for his own blog .  Has Mr. Dearman employed this author, a self-professed satanist, to help Mr. Dearman prove his “innocence” by running a social media campaign for him?  Before the author put his blog on a one year hold, he wrote a post;


“El Coyote” re-blogged this post on his “Hoaxtead Research” crap site;


Satanic Views is indeed a frequent commenter on “HoaxRes”, here is one of his comments from that crap site, inviting more satanists to the campaign.  Here he also mentions “witchfinders”. Let’s be REAL clear here, we are not hunting witches, foolish imp.  We are after a massive paedophile ring that sexually abuses, tortures and eats babies.  If that is what you are happy to defend then so be it.  We are not living in a fairy tale or the Wizard of Oz, we are not hunting witches.  We demand justice, to right the wrongs perpetrated upon our children.  We are mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles of children who see a growing trend in CSA in our communities.  If we don’t speak up, you will think it is alright to abuse our children, kidnap them and torture them.  Those dark thoughts drive us to action to stop abuse parties, ritual abuse, trauma-based mind-control whatever the hell you want to call destroying young, innocent lives.


Yes, SV, great plan bring in MORE satanists!!! Lol, really?!?!  That’ll show us wicked ‘witch-finders’/’satan-hunters’….Here’s Satanicviews on Facebook;




On Facebook, Mr. Hind writes;


WOW-How do you KNOW Ms. Draper will never see her kids again James?  Do you have inside knowledge?  Is Mr. Dearman giving you information? Do you work for Mr. Dearman, James?  You really shouldn’t have given up your day job for this loser, what you were doing before was much more intelligent and less evil, but that’s your conscience that you will have to live with for the rest of your life.  Here it is in black & white for all to see. Here is Mr. Hind on Twitter, warning, graphic content;




Here’s Mr. Hind as Jay Vendoza on Disqus with the same devil logo as on facebook;


Here’s a new comment I found on Rupert Q’s Youtube.com “Discussion” section;


*Update* Since this post was published, Mr. Hind has changed his profile.   We’ve obviously had an affect on James Hind and his controllers.  It now looks like this;


Jay set up a new Twitter page called “List 616” to monitor and follow fellow researchers. This Twitter page links to “MySatan” a WordPress blog where his little list names people to be watched.


Well, as it turns out, Satanicviews/Jay Vendoza/James Hind were all sock accounts of a person by the name of Julian Vayne (See THIS POST for the connection)


Julian is a member of the Illuminates Of Thanateros, a death & sex cult.  Here he is announced as giving a talk at the Pagan Federation International conference in the Netherlands last April.


So, while Julian’s interests include drugs & magic, he also goes around to schools giving talks about the history of sex to children, here he is talking to an “infant school” about the history of sex…indeed, INFANTS!  SEX.  And it’s HISTORY…cough, cough…umm does anyone have a problem with that other than me???



This was just last year, 18 Nov. 2015

The link above “Sex and History” says;

The University of Exeter’s Sex and History project is an award-winning and innovative initiative which aims to empower people of all ages – and especially young people – to talk more openly about the issues that really matter to them by using objects from past cultures as a stimulus for discussing issues relating to sex, sexuality and relationships. 

Our pioneering methodology harnesses the powerful effect of learning about what people from across time and place have thought about desire, arousal, intimacy, gender, body image, beauty, power and control.

Exploring different cultural attitudes takes us outside ourselves and our everyday concerns, brings fresh eyes to our own ideas and quite simply shows that sex is nothing new and it’s OK to talk about it.

Intriguing images from history provide an arresting focus for discussions, affording a safe distance from sensitive subjects and allowing us to bring in as little or as much about our feelings and experiences as we feel comfortable with.

One of the project pages;


The “Lust in Translation” link from above is a project partner and says this on it’s website;

“Promiscuity, dating tips, how to find a husband, what red shoes really mean, infections, being sexually exploited, ugly rich guys getting beautiful girls, cars as symbols of virility, how to pull on Plymouth Hoe, the importance of kissing, the madness of being in love, loneliness, risk-taking, how to get someone to fancy you…

From November 2010 to April 2011, Effervescent artists spent a total of one hundred days in the company of thirty-five young people aged 16 – 25, twenty-six older people aged 50 – 87, five adult volunteers, three museum professionals, and seven youth workers from Plymouth, with only one thing on our minds: sex.

Provoking challenging and giggly inter-generational dialogue mediated with calming cups of tea; initiating inflammatory ideas-generating activities such as dressing-up games, photographic assignments, choreographic tasks and biggest-poser competitions; as well as exploring objects and documents from the Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery, Plymouth and West Devon Record Office and the Wellcome Trust’s collection of erotica, we asked ourselves:

  • What questions about contemporary society and ourselves do these objects provoke?
  • What do we want to say about sex right now?
  • Who do we want to say it to?
  • What are the most effective narrative, filmic, aural and visual ideas we can use to translate these ideas into short snappy media treats?

The four films conceived in this pilot project were wholly devised and created by the project participants, and are the results of a collective two thousand hours of voluntary face-to-face and digital participation. This challenging, stimulating, extraordinary piece of work has made a real difference to people’s lives, connecting people who felt isolated, improving the confidence of people who felt shy, and giving a positive learning experience to people accustomed to being disengaged from or disappointed by formal education”

The site’s “Gallery” has some interesting items and videos.  And Julian Vayne is a part of it all…from the “Sex and History” site, “Awards”


So WHAT IS the Illuminates Of Thanateros (IOT) you ask?  Wikipaedia says:


“Thanateros” is a blend of Thanatos and Eros-Greek gods of DEATH & SEX…and “Illuminates” is used in accordance with the claimed tradition of calling such societies-in which those who have mastered the secrets of magic help bring others to mastership- the “ILLUMINTI”.  FFS…!!!

So here we have a leader of a death and sex cult known for giving talks about drugs and sex to infants at school.  Does that sound like anyone ELSE you might know involved in the Hampstead Cover-Up?  Oh, indeed, Mr. Dearman, who claims it’s a hoax…except his defenders do EXACTLY THE SAME THING.  All the while calling us CRAZY, STUPID and LIARS.  

Other Left Hand Path followers that support Mr. Dearman: From YouTube.com

“Jon Crossland” This profile has been changed to “Lizzy Borden


Mr. Crossland also posts on Google+ (Name changed to “Lizzy Borden”)


Mr. Crossland is a member of several Google+ “communties” including these;


From these communities, Mr. Crossland finds horrific images that he happily reposts (but I will not show them here, if you want to see, go look for yourself but use caution if you are easily triggered) such as this imagethis image, this one and and this image.  Mr. Crossland also posts many of “HoaxR” articles.  He is from Germany but lives in the UK now.

Mr. Crossland is on Facebook;


We know it’s him by his Facebook profile photos;



These individuals are clearly into horrific stuff, this is who we are up against.  I don’t care if you are a satanist, a catholic or a jew-if you hurt and abuse innocent children-you’re filth.  If you defend people like Mr. Dearman with your profiles filled with horror then we clearly can see who you are, as well as Mr. Dearman.



  1. ringwind · March 13, 2016

    Hampstead Cover Up – I Believe The Children – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNMWvD9wPEg


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