Our FaceBook Page

Here at DDH, we try not to be too reactive to the blogosphere surrounding

Dearman and his activities, we simply watch and record.

Of course we have our moments like everyone else.

We made a mistake and “El Coyote” from Toadstead Trollers caught it.

But he didn’t have ANYTHING to say about the content of the post, only the mistake.

When we accidentally wrote (but quickly changed within an hour of posting the piece)

that Drif Loud was (Abe).  We don’t know for a fact that is true or not.  Unfortunately,

when we posted to our Facebook page, it posted the mistake still intact, unnoticed.

Our main focus has always been RD and we watch his online workings,

for the most part, exclusively.  It’s all we have time for.

An email of apology has been sent to Mr. Christie for our mistake and it was sincere.

 We feel a public apology is also a good thing, so we’d like to offer up

our heart-felt apologies for any and all problems that may arise from this mistake.


At the same time, we would like to comment on something we saw on Twatter,

erm, Twitter by “Helen Does Hampstead”, a typical sock puppet account on YT & Twatter.


Our Facebook page began the last week of October, 2015 so that is only

3 months ago.  Not “nearly a year” ago.

Let’s be clear here…

This web-site is for recording your mistakes Mr. Dearman,

NOT for popularity.  We don’t care how many people read this or

our Facebook page, it is not meant for public consumption.  It is meant

for your cult superiors to see what a BAFFOON you are and for Ella & Abraham’s

legal team to show your character, ie; Greg Queen of Everything, Joker, etc.

Therefore, it is not in our best interests to show you who we are YET.

We’re not done exposing you.  When we are, you will know us.

This isn’t about who the author of DDH is,

This is about you trying to cover up the

accusations of your children’s abuse.

Just know it is NOT Kristen nor Helen.

But here’s a hint, we did communicate on HampsteadCoverUp.com.


 Ahhh, so you’re getting closer, finally!!!

For a guy who lives in his mom’s basement with no job, in Sheffield

It’s surprising it’s taking you so long,



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