Two New Blogs On The Hampstead Case!

UPDATE: Ella & Abraham’s website is back!

As our movement says “good-bye” to some players,

We here at DDH are happy to introduce two new blogs to the scene.

The first comes from Facebook where the creator & manager of

CannabisCuresCancers, which has more than 96,000 followers (likes)

has tirelessly transcribed many of the video

testimonies of the Hampstead children.

Here is one album of 9 photos, each photo can be clicked on,

commented on and most importantly, SHARED!

It is IMPERITIVE that word gets out.

Another album by the same person can be found here and has

36 click-able, comment-able and share-able photos, each with different

portions of the children’s testimonies.

If you’re on Facebook, you need to check this out!



The second new blog is “Hampstead Transcripts”

We haven’t had time to look through the entire site yet,

but it looks promising.  Full transcripts of all video testimonies.

Clean-cut, easily share-able and has a comment section under

each transcription.  Comment section should be fun, watch for

Dearman sock accounts and take screen shots when possible!

Good luck to both sites!



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