2015-Year Of The Troll

Where does one even begin?

We each have our different stories of where we were when

we first heard the children speaking of horrific abuse.

Most reacted in similar ways, we all wanted to know more so we

could help change the situation.  We all want to save

the children, to help them, to comfort them and also

to stand with Ella in her quest to help her children escape

the cold grip of the cult.

We listened to the interviews, we heard mum’s voice,

we heard a mans voice asking questions and we all wanted

to know….MORE.

We researched, we found names and addresses of the perpetrators

as Veteran’s Today posted a list that was from

Anonymous #OpDeathEaters.

Some people created videos, some created blogs,

groups were formed,  interviews were held,

we exchanged information.

We went into full over-drive.

So did our opposition, the cult.

We have been thrown so many hurdles, sometimes it’s

impossible to know which way is up.

Each time we dealt with the trolls the fear

would creep in or the anger would flair up.

We have all spent many sleepless nights worrying,

praying to be shown the path, to find the right answer,

to find the perfect solution,

wondering how to encourage Ella and Abraham

and give them hope that the larger

public will not stand for such injustices to families.


The disinformation abounds and if you weren’t here

from the beginning of this story you can’t POSSIBLY

know the minute details specific to this case, therefore

you are not qualified to judge any supporter involved in this.

Our first hurdle was Christine Ann Sands, she showed up

one Sunday morning at Christ Church in Hampstead.

Yelling monotonously the web address of her blog in her

embarrassingly much-to-much-‘merican accent,

annoying neighbors and fellow protesters alike.

She was later found to have many youtube video warnings

that she was American intelligence.  She was sent in to

disrupt, divide and confuse.

Many believed her and fought for her, it was interesting to watch

as sides were taken.  She took the position that the children would be

better off without either parent and stay in foster care or adopted,

where most likely they would be separated and again abused.

But we kept researching and sharing our

findings, making youtube videos, writing letters, blogging and

worrying….always worring.

“What the HELL can I do?”

“What will happen if I DON’T do anything?”

“What will happen to me if I DO help?”

“Is this other person genuine or not?”

“Is this in the children’s best interest?”

So many questions, requiring answers

that don’t always come easily.

UK Gollum produced videos telling us this was over,

this was a hoax, laughed at Christine and used her against us

claiming how crazy we all looked just as the judgement presented us.

Evil & Foolish we were.

For wanting to help abused children.

For Fecks Sake!

MK Ultra 666 produced threatening, vile videos replete with

Tavistock mind control triggers where we began to notice

the comments and the myriad of sock puppet accounts.

This is where we first saw the patterns.

The Youtube accounts were always recently created,

the writing patterns emerged, the language was abusive,

the circles of people always contained the same accounts.

We saw the Sound Affects youtube account call the children


Facebook groups popped up, pages appeared but few found the

courage to “like” or join the groups for fear of cult retaliation.

We found ourselves requiring secret groups to confer and converse

openly without disruptions.

THIS is where we made our greatest progress by far and wide.

BUT the TROLLS….always the trolls.

One of those was Sheva Burton the lurker

until one day she gave up her position that the children would be better

off without either parent and stay in foster care or adopted,

where most likely they would be separated and again abused.

Oh, and we were all crazy…


Some of us are professionals, some of us are concerned citizens,

some of us are parents, some of us are survivors of  child sexual abuse

some of us are young, old, sane, insane, right or wrong .

We showed up every spare minute of our busy lives to care about children

we heard speaking of horrific things children shouldn’t even know about

let alone practice.  Because we are angry when we can’t protect every child

from these demons we know exist amongst us.

 We know there is a group of people world wide,

regardless of boarders, trafficking children for sex slaves,

making money by creating content to sell to their elite paedophile friends

on the dark web and drinking the adrenochrome-filled blood

of terrified infants.

But we’re the crazy ones….

Never mind that it’s in the news almost EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Our personal favorite type of troll is the

elitist ritual survivor  group disruptors.

You know the type, knows EVERYTHING

about the cult, born & raised by the cult but is no longer IN the cult

but still ALIVE…

Welcome to 2016

Let’s Make It Count


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    good post

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