The Proof Is In The Tattoo!

Ella & Abraham’s web-site is #HampsteadCoverUp


“Barnet police were presented with evidence, including video testimonies, audios, drawings and detailed descriptions of TATTOOS and intimate distinguishing marks on the bodies of the children’s attackers, strongly supporting the children’s allegations, and which is sufficient to pass the burden of proof to the named and intimately identified attackers.”

Transcript from Hampstead Transcripts – “Tattoos’

304 Tattoos (2:18min)

Q = 8 yr old boy
A = Boyfriend of mother

A: Hi again Q.  Sorry to disturb you while you are having your breakfast, but we’d like you to tell us about the tattoos please.

Q: Yes.

A: Can you tell us in your own words.

Q: All the 20 special children have a tattoo exs-pect …

A: Except …

Q: Except for me and myself, no, except for myself and my sister cause my mum isn’t a member of the cult.

A: OK.  Anyone else have tattoos

Q: Yes.  The 20 special children all have tattoos.  And also, all the teachers have tattoos.  Mr  Fornoni  has tattoos all over his arms. And Mr Gordge also got tattoos all over his arms .  And also they have on their pussies, their privates.

A: And?

Q: And also all the teachers have it.  Not all parents.

A: So all the teachers have tattoos on their privates …

Q: Yes.

A: … you say.

Q: Yes

A: And what type of tattoo do they have on their privates …

Q: They all have tattooes …

A: What type of tattoos?

Q: They are devil and monster tattoos

A: On their privates?

Q: Yes.

A: They all have them?

Q: Yes.

A: All of the teachers in Christchurch Primary School have devil tattoos on their private parts?

Q: Yes.  No also monster ones.  Yeah, the devil one is in the middle but there’s monster ones and also they have piercings.

A: OK.  Have  you … are these the tattoos that you’ve drawn pictures of?  You’ve given us pictures of?

Q: No   …

A: You’ve drawn some pictures of tattoos.  Are these the tattoos you are talking about?

Q: Yeah.

A: So anybody else [inaudible] … Do parents have tattoos?

Q: Vanessa, [inaudible] Laura, [inaudible]

A: How many parents have we got? [really bad sound]

Q: All the parents

A: All 400 parents have tattoos.

Q: [Nods]

A: Are you sure?

Q: [inaudible] 399, except my mum.

A: Except your mother, have tattoos on their privates..  Thank you very much.

Again from Hampstead Transcripts- “Distinguishing Marks”

302 Distinguishing Marks (6:31min)

E = Mother
Q = 8 yr old boy
A = Boyfriend of mother

E: Sure, sure

Q: On here.

A: Where’s the birthmark of Mrs Forsdyke?

Q: Here.  Like, there.

A: All there, yes?

Q: Yeah, on her private parts.

A: Anything else there?  Anything else she’s got … anything else you can remember?

Q: Yes.  You’ve got like a little dot here.

A: A dot yeah?  Where?  Show me the little dot.

Q: Here.

A: Show us.

Q:  Here … here [pointing to the top of inner right thigh]

A; [inaudible] … little dot, yeah?

Q: Yeah.

A: Lovely.  Anything else you’d like to tell us?

Q: Yes … and she’s got pierce rings …

A: Pierce rings?

Q: … all over her privates.  And she’s also got a pierce ring on her .. errm .. on her private.  On her lips.

A: Yeah?

Q: Yes.

A: OK.  And what of these does she … [inaudible].

Q: She sticks a willy on my bottom.  She touches my privates.  She kicks my privates.  She rubs until the white things come out.  She rubs it really nice.  She flicks it.  Flicks it really hard and she also, like, do that.

A: What does she do?

Q: Errm … she like pushes it.

A: Who does that?  The Head Mistress?

Q: Yes.  But really, really hard.

A: And what willy does she stick in .. she’s a lady.  She doesn’t have a willy does she?

Q: Yes, she does.  A plastic willy.

A: Oh, she has a plastic willy.

Q: Yes.

A: And how does she attach it to herself?

Q: With a like, rubber band.

A: OK.

Q:  Like a, like a trouser’s band.

A: OK.  Oh,  right, like a belt?

Q: And then, and then, they like.  Do you know the shoes like this?  Sssh ssssh …

A: Oh!  Velcro?

Q: Yes.  Its like this … sssh ssshhh

A: Like a Velcro belt.  Well done.  Anyone else  you can think of you would like to tell us about?  Who have distinguishing marks?

Q: Yes.  Errrm … M … Vanessa she’s got a ..

A: Vanessa.  Now, who is Vanessa?

Q: Vanessa’s Clark’s mum.  Clark is a boy in my class and he is my best, best friend.

A: Right. And what’s his mother’s name?  Vanessa what?

Q: Vanessa Patrick.

A: OK.  Thank you.

Q: Vanessa Fitzpatrick.

A: Fitzpatrick.  OK.  Thank you.  Carry on.  Any marks, disguishing marks about her.

Q: Yeah.  She, err, has a, errrm, birth marks on her boob, on her boobies.

A: Yes.

Q: And she is, also, really hairy.  Her privates are just like really hairy.  Really hairy.

A: OK.  That’s the lady you call Sherpherd’s Bush?

Q: Yes.

A: OK.  Can you tell me more about Vanessa.

Q: She’s got hairy legs.  She got hairy boobies.  She got hairy arms.  And, erm, her hair is really wiggly and blond.

A: OK.

Q: And she’s got white skin.

A: Are there any other distinguishing marks about her?  Apart from her being hairy.

Q: Yes.

A: Other marks on her body?

Q: Yes.  She has, like, errm.  She’s, errm, got a verruca  here. Verruca.

A: A wart?

Q: No.  A verruca.  Verruca.

A: What’s a verruca?

Q: A verruca is what I’ve got here [pointing to the bottom of his right foot]

A: OK.  And she’s got one where?

Q: On here [pointing to the knuckle of the index finger on his right hand]

A: OK.

Q: Between her two bones.

A: Anyone else you would like to tell us about.

Q: Yes.

A: Who else has distinguishing marks.

Q: Yes.  They’re really strange marks.  And, errrm,  Mr Hollings, he has like red dots all over his willy.

A: Really?

Q: Yeah, like, really … little

A: Little red dots all over his willy?

Q: Yes.

A: And who is Mr Hollings?

Q: He’s my sisters teacher when, when I was in year 3, Mr Renay used to be my teacher.  Mr Hollings used to be her teacher but now I’m moving into year 4 and now Mr Hollings is my teacher and, errm, now my sister’s teach is Mr Burnett.

A: Thank you.  And Mr Hollings has what on his private parts?

Q: Red dots.

A: Just on his willy or anywhere else?

Q: Mmmm … yeah, yes a tiny, errrm.  Yes.  On his willy and like a, here.

A: Thank you very much.  Anybody else you’d like to tell us about.

Q: Yes.

A: Who?

Q: Mr Burnett

A: He’s got …

Q: He shaved himself.

A: Yeah?

Q: Yeah, on his willy, yeah.

A: When he shaved himself, what can you see when he’s shaved.  What is there to see?

Q: Willy and also …

A: Yeah, so he doesn’t have any other marks?  No tattoos, nothing?

Q: No.  YES!!!!  He has tattoos.

A: He has a tattoo?

Q: Tattoo and pierce rings.

A: What?  Really?

Q: Yes.  And .. Carly, my best friend, he has a pierce ring on his willy.  At the end of his willy.  Where it wees.

A: Yeah?

Q: Yeah, and also on his like, balls, not on his balls, on his leg.  Down a bit.

A: Really?

Q: Yeah.  Where your balls are.

A: Very good.

Q: And he, errrm,  Mrs Fordyke also squashes my balls and it really hurts.

A: Errrrr …

Q: Yeah.  It hurts me all around here.

A: Can you tell me if any other person has any distinguishing marks please.

Q: Yes.  Miss Unwin.  She got, like, like a, errrm, tiny wart on, like, here [pointing to his groin] like a tiny wart there.

A: I see.

Q: Yeah.

A: OK.  Tiny wart there.

Q: Yeah.

A: And there’s another lady apparently who has a big wart.

Q: Yes.  And there’s another lady who has a wart.  Miss Mardon, she’s the nurse teacher, and she’s, errm,  she got a wart here [pointing to the right side of his neck] and …

A: And where else has she got a wart?

Q: On, errm, privates.  Right on her lips.

A: Right on the lips?

Q: Yes.

A: How big is this wart?  I’ve heard you mention it before.

Q: Its as big as a 5 pence piece because I measured it.

A: You measured it?

Q: Yes.

A: How did you get to measure it?

Q: When, errm, she told me to .. when I asked her to measure it after the sex.

A: After what sex?

Q: After sticking willy in my bottom.  And also after … licking

A: Who stuck a willy up your bottom … after the licking!

Q: Too, yeah.

A: Licking what?  What were you licking?

Q: The privates.  The middles.

A: Whose privates were you licking?

Q: Miss Mardon.  I asked can I measure it and I measured it.

A: And committed sex acts upon you as well.

Q: Yeah.

A: What sex acts did she commit.

Q: She’d stick a willy in my bottom and also sometimes people, errm, stick, errm, balls too, of the willy in my bottom and then when they take it out it  bleeds more than when they stick a willy in.  It bleeds more.

A: OK. Thank you very much.  OK.

Drawing of Vanessa F.

Or as the children called her, “Shepards Bush”

Sporting her “Fancy” dildo hat



V.F. on Pinterest

Headmistress Forsdyke








From Drif Loud on Twitter

Of course the childrens’ testimony/drawings were covered up

by police  and put into “storage”





The children NEVER retracted anything about the

distinguishing marks nor tattoos

Yet this was never investigated

NONE of the abusers have had to show evidence to

prove their innocence/guilt.



DC Martin in Court, 19.2.2015.

Reveals he DID view “distinguishing genital marks/tattoos” videos

even though in Judge Anna Pauffley’s erroneous judgement states,

“It is a curious fact that prior to the launch of these proceedings, no police officer had listened to the audio recording made by Jean Clement Yaohirou or watched the film clips of the children. DI Cannon made inquiries at my request to discover that DC Rogers, the member of his team who received the film clips and the audio recording from Mr Yaohirou, had sent them to a property store in Chingford. The focus would appear to have been upon arranging almost immediate ABE interviews.”







Here are a few of the MANY articles you can find

on the internet about cult activities, membership and practices

in regards to satanic tattoos & tattooing….

Tattoo-The Mark of Blood

“Beware – the tattoo procedure is a fashion of the satanic practice of blood-letting or cutting of ones flesh. Rubbing a little ink or pigment in it doesn’t change the fact – you are cutting your flesh – you are practicing blood-letting.”

Satanic Ritual Abuse-Convictions So Far


Child Murders in Mexico Linked to Satanic Cult


Inside Virginia’s Creepy White-Power Wolf Cult




20 Traits Of Satanic Cult Members

“#2 Tattoo-The tattoo symbol for many satanic cult members is a small pea sized black circle with a circle of black dots surrounding it. Or three sixes, or a circle with three curled tails coming out if it – the circles of each six is overlapped. Cocopelli, the god of fire and mischief, was the first figure made of two series of three sixes. He’s not often drawn that way anymore. These tattoos are usually at the hairline on the back of the neck, but they can be anywhere. A dragon, skull, skeleton, a star, or snake, are popular cult symbols.

These symbols make it easier for cult members to identify each other. Three sixes is the symbol of the Devil in the Book of Revelation, because six has always had meaning to the Satanic church. A five pointed star or the six pointed star was one satanic symbol adopted by the Hebrews during the Exodus. Hiding the sixes, as in the overlapping circle or figures, is popular, since the Devil hides.”

My West Hampstead: Celebrity ink artist Dan Gold on his drunken tattoo from Kate Moss, secret street art and independent shops

“Tattoo artist Dan Gold, 41, has inked almost everyone from Kate Moss to Peaches Geldof at his studio. The father-of-one has lived in Sumatra Road, West Hampstead, for three years but has been making street art and tattooing rock stars for more than two decades.”



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    Its quite simple…. If the perpetrators have nothing to hide, why don’t they come forward and prove they do not have the tattoos or markings drawn by the Hampstead Children???

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  2. terristewart222 · September 1

    Here is Ella’s Polygraph Test WITH her results….what proof do Dearman and the teachers offer for their innocence? None.


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