Destroying the Crime Scenes?

Ella Draper’s children mention many schools involved

in the crimes they witnessed and were forced to take part in.

Since the testimonies came into the public domain many

of the schools and off-campus locations have had

some level of reconstruction done.

Including Hampstead Christ Church Primary School,

Abacus, Fitzjohns, Hampstead Parochial, Holy Trinity

have all had work done, as well as the Finchley-Lido swimming pool.

McDonald’s closed it’s doors Nov. 2013, before the children gave

testimony but during the same school year.

(Sept.’13/June ’14)






After 21 years of business and fighting 12 years to open, McDonalds of Hampstead closes it doors Nov. 2013.  The children allege they are abused up until the end of school year June 2014.



Even Church of England’s Christ Church, Hampstead needs new wood floors….probably can’t get the blood stains out…Check out their plan for “The Grand Restoration” that will cost “an additional £150,000 to complete”




Coincidentally, the website for Christchurch Hampstead is no longer available


But there was construction being done there, loads of it!





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  1. citizen suspect · December 7, 2015

    Great info, keep up the good work. I believe the children.

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