The Nairobi-Belfast Connection

We recently saw this comment on Youtube and decided to follow it up.

It’s a puzzle, putting all the pieces together


Here are the links mentioned in the comment


Dick’s IMDb Resumè

From IMDb, Dick’s Management is a company called

FEA Management, Peter Ferris


There is also a tv series web-site Ferris Entertainment TV

There is an “Outer Sanctum”

As well as an “Inner Sanctum

A “Paid Membership” account is needed to watch the “Inner Sanctum” vids




“Peter & Fiona (partner) film horror vids with smartphones

here’s one called “The Dungeon“”

This video begins with children’s screams.

It’s an interview with a “Knights Templar”


There are many other short films to check out


A press release from the web-site


Link to the video mentioned in photo above

We also found this interesting news report video

Jengana’s Web-site is well worth looking through

The Administrator for the web-site


 The admin is also a teacher at Campbell College, Belfast



Campbell College holds fund-raisers for Jengana “Feast to Feed”





Campbell College

From the “Contact” page on the Jengana web-site

an address is given for their offices

However, when we look on Google Street all we see

are model homes for that address



So we’re not sure if this is a “Real” address since there is no

#9 Aylesbury Avenue, Newtown Abbey, Belfast.

We found the Facebook page much more interesting.

The photo page looks like a virtual inventory

It offers many instances to see “likes” & comments

as well as the opportunity to see some of the main players & donors.

One donor likes to take photos of scared little girls (see first & second row) and calls it “Art”

Perhaps it IS art to some.

There are a few donors that are all closely intertwined.

Now, before we go any further we must inject this thought

“Under the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, a non-national who arranges the

trafficking of a child outside the jurisdiction of the State party is committing a crime in

England and Wales; however the Act does not extend to Northern Ireland

 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child


Now we have a link between Nairobi to Belfast

Still, we all want to know

How DO the babies get to London for Dick and his cohorts?


But we’ll keep looking…let us know if YOU find anything!

Let’s not forget about this video made by “Hampstead Research”

Here is Alan Wrightson’s letter to the NSPCC regarding Mr. Ferris

“Dear sirs,

I would like to report what seems to be a child-grooming activity going on at Peter Ferris Entertainment, based in London, whose website is This man Peter Ferris is an acting teacher and amateur film-maker, and all his films have occult undertones with demonic imagery, and he uses child actors in many of his productions. Specifically, in one of his films called “Auditions for a vampire”, the stated story-line is “how far would you go to become famous?”, and the plot-line is deliberately the same as the situation many of these child actors were in when they approached him; in other words, child actors went to him for auditions and acting lessons, and then made a film about this exact same activity, only to discover that the teacher was a vampire. This is a deliberate confusion of fantasy and reality, and is concerning because in this fantasy overlay these children are encouraged to role-play,“how far would you go to get famous?” is the major theme. The trailer shows children having blood sucked from their necks, children in fear and being tortured and murdered whilst being locked in the audition room, and also includes lingering shots of satanic imagery (the demon Azmodeus).

If this film were made by adults I would not bat an eyelid, because there would be consent involved, even though I find it offensive.

But these are children in their early teens, all dressing up like demons, warlocks and vampires, getting involved in a film which matches their own aspiring-actor situation, being asked what would they be prepared to do to in order to get famous, and then led into fantasy satanic, sacrificial and demonic activities with their acting teacher as if it was that which they needed to do to get famous.

I think this combination of blurring a fantasy satanist audition with their real audition is grooming the children for satanist activities. It is accustoming them to act in ways which are “bad, but which get them fame”. Furthermore, this man has established links with an ongoing child-abuse investigation which makes this situation far more potentially serious.

This man, Mr Peter Ferris, is the manager of the Hollywood actor Ricky Dearman (according to Dearman´s own page), who is currently under an ongoing police-investigation, having been accused by his two children and their mother of exactly the sorts of satanic activities his manager may to be grooming children for via his acting lessons. Dearman stands acused by his own children of murdering babies in their presence, getting them involved in those murders, sexually abusing them in every way imaginable and passing them onto other adults for their sexual gratification.

One of the children´s video testimonies even mentions that one of their fellow-abused children (there are 20 children being abused at Hampstead Primary School according to them) has moved to a different school – also involved in the abuse – because she wants to be the “star of the show” there, whereas at Hampstead Primary School she cannot be this, because Ricky Dearman´s children are.

Now this is the exact same pattern that Peter Ferris is actively promoting with his film “Audition for a vampire”. In other words, this poor girl has been groomed into wanting to do anything to please paedophiles so that she can be the “star of the show”.

It cannot be a coincidence that this girl is allegedly being abused by Ricky Dearman´s cult, while Ricky Dearman´s manager Peter Ferris is showing home-made films on his website involving child-actors, asking them “how far will you go to get famous?” and then abusing, torturing and murdering them in a fantasy setting.

Therefore, I am making this formal complaint to the NSPCC, asking that Peter Ferris be investigated for possible child-grooming activities in relation to the ongoing investigation into the Hampstead child-abuse ring. I believe that his activities may be supportive of this child-sex, child-trafficking and child-sacrificing cult, and that, given he is the manager of the alleged head of the cult, Ricky Dearman, he is possibly in the cult, too.

It may be that his film-making activities are unrelated and, although unpleasant to me, entirely innocent, but it needs investigation given the link to the ongoing Hampstead child-abuse investigation.

I will be publishing this complaint, and any responses I get from you, publicly on the internet.


Alan Wrightson

The NSPCC reply to Mr. Wrightson

“Dear Sir,

Many thanks for the further information that you have provided to the NSPCC helpline, we received your email on 06/04/2015.

Can I please apologise for the delay in responding, we are experiencing a high volume of child protection concerns.

The NSPCC helpline are aware of the case that you have mentioned and will be sharing your further information with the police who have been investigating it.  The role of the NSPCC helpline is to receive and asses Child Protection concerns and shares these as is required with external agencies that may be able to offer support to children and their families.

Kind Regards

Ruth Nicholson Grindrod

Assistant Team Manager – NSPCC Helpline”


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