Caught Commenting on NSPCC Youtube Channel

Special thanks to “Annie Mouse” who sent this in.

The NSPCC has a Youtube channel where commenting is allowed.

Comments on this video is our subject here.

Reading the comments now,

it appears as if Annie is speaking to him/her self.

Because the original comments have been deleted.

You can see there used to be comments

as the underscored +profile name tag remains.


It also appears that this Ella Gareeva account has been closed

since you cannot click the +profile name tag and follow the link any longer.

Luckily screenshots were taken of the conversation.





Now, let’s analyze this.

In “Ella Gareeva”s first comment to “Annie Mouse”

Ella mentions “Abraham & Ella” and refers to them as “them”

as if the poster is a separate entity.


This happens several times.

If this was really Ella Gareevas’ comment,

she would know where Abraham Christie is,

since she is in exile abroad with him.


So now you know this isn’t the real Ella Gareeva commenting.

The false profile of Ella Gareeva, imitating a living being, is a crime

punishable by law.

Both false profiles of Ella Gareeva and Charlotte St. Aubyn Ward

call Annie Mouse “Abe”




Both false profiles write capitalized “LOL” at the end of the sentence.


Here is a video about this very same topic by HR Tube.

There is a false Hampstead Research channel on this thread.

The true Hampstead Research channel is HR Tube


The false Hampstead Research uses the same logo as the true HR Tube channel.

The false channel hosts no videos but the real Hampstead Research has produced

many videos regarding this case.

Many of the comments made by the false profiles are vile & malevolent

They also show there is an organized campaign to discredit and intimidate anyone

speaking out about the uninvestigated testimony of two children

allegedly abused by their father.

It is all of our moral duty to investigate these allegations as adults.

Annie Mouse included this letter written to the NSPCC

To whom it may concern;

Dear Sir/Madame,
Thank you for taking the time to read this email, may it find you well.
I am writing to you today on behalf of the case known as the Hampstead Abused Children, P & Q, daughter and son of Mr. Ricky Dearman.
Myself and others have been researching, watching and investigating the children’s claims since Barnet Police have closed the case before medical evidence was disclosed.
This weekend on your Youtube channel several posters commented on a comment I made on this video.
After seeing a website called Dearman Does Hampstead I have come to the same conclusion as the web-site creator, that Mr. Dearman has organized a campaign, himself, against anyone that believes the children’s testimony.  As adults, it is our duty to protect children from harm, our moral compass must always point to truth.  “Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly
Mr. Dearman’s LinkedIn profile shows that he has the capabilities necessary to market himself, manage public opinion and change the discourse.
Mr. Dearman has been accused of sexually abusing his & others children, creating & selling pornographic material among other accusations.
It is obvious, in order to sell pornographic material, one must troll around the internet looking for buyers,
My original comment on your video was this: “Gabriel & Alisa spoke out about their child abuse but no one seems to be listening…many letters have been written to the NSPCC by campaigners believing the Hampstead childrens testimonies. Even though they gave forced retractions while in custody of Barnet police, their testimony still stands. Meanwhile their father and his cohorts roam about freely, buggering more children. What is the NSPCC doing to help them?” I would still like to know, since no one responded from NSPCC account, only the false profiles trolled me. Please look into this case, it is real.
Many thanks,
Annie Mouse


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