MK Ultra 666

MK Ultra 666 on Google+

95% of “MK Ultra 666″posts are Hampstead related.

This profile started April 2015



This is MK Ultra’s YouTube video list

However, MK Ultra 666 recently released a video death threat,

called “Pure Hatred”

This death threat is made specifically to Abraham in comments by the video maker.


But apparently we are getting to the opposition because he’s going “MAD”


Other recipients of this death threat are of course Sabine


And Belinda



We find the music in this particular video to be exceptionally similar to the music created by

Post Nein on the God Goes Wireless label 

Here is Post Nein’s video list

This comment was left on the video then quickly removed

So Mk Ultra 666 up until seeing this because I live away from Hampstead I had…

The only comments on this video that remain

are comments made by Dearman sock accounts.

Every one of them.


We here at DearmanDoesHampstead especially like these comments

they appear to be be exactly the same but by two supposedly different accounts


Another recent video by MK Ultra 666


“Living Dogs And Dead Lions”

and is another video death threat to Abraham Christi.

You can watch it here

but here are some screen shots


The network are officially “Hunting Abraham”




This is the Parting Shot,

where a young man is actually shot

and we see him fall to the floor.


Mr. Christi certainly has a very good case

if he ever chose to pursue it,

against this death threat video maker.

MK Ultra 666 is also mentioned in 

Left-Hand Path Connections

as well as 

Dearman’s Cult Is Harassing Pensioners


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